Binge or Savour: How Do You Watch Netflix?

There’s no denying the fact that Netflix has been one of the main reasons why our TV viewing habits have changed. Years ago we would have to wait a full week until we could watch the next episode of our favourite show. Those in the UK would have to wait months, maybe years, for American shows to make it to the UK. American TV still has multiple mid-season breaks and weeks off for no apparent reason. But when Netflix releases a brand new Original Series we get the whole series in one go. Gone are the week-long waits between episodes, gone are the months of agonising “will we get it, won’t we get it” that UK viewers have put up with for decades. We are the Netflix Generation.

Being able to watch a series whenever you want is very, very useful. Not everyone can be in their living room at 7pm on a Tuesday night in order to watch the latest episode; not everyone can catch the 2.30pm repeat on a Friday afternoon; not everyone can work a VCR let alone know what a PVR is; and, let’s face it, does anyone even know what an ‘omnibus’ is anymore?

Netflix have released some interesting figures about “Binge Racing” (the art of watching an entire season of a show on the day it arrives) – apparently over 8.4 million members have done it at some point in the last four years. Five people in America have even watched all 5 seasons of “House of Cards” on the day that each season was released!

So, how do you watch Netflix Original shows? Do you Binge Race and watch the whole season on the first day? Do you spread it out a little but still binge through them in a week? Or do you go old-school and watch one a week and work through them gradually?

They each have their pro’s and con’s. Do you want to be able to see the whole lot so you don’t have to hide from spoilers online? But then you might then spoil it for others if you think they’ve already seen the show. If you wait a few weeks and take your time then you risk seeing or hearing spoilers but then you also don’t have as long to wait for the next season. Let us know in the comments below how you prefer to watch your favourite Netflix Original shows.

In the meantime here are a few Binge Racers from the USA:


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7 thoughts on “Binge or Savour: How Do You Watch Netflix?

  1. Netflix has certainly improved things, but there are still occasions where they’re well behind. For example, they only made season 2 of Killjoys available here in the UK as season 3 was starting in the US. That is presumably because the UK rights were with SyFy or Sky or whoever shows it here. There’s still work to be done, but it’s the TV industry which needs to get their act together.

  2. I’ve found some of the shows I didn’t think I liked (I’m thinking mostly of the Marvels) are better watched one episode every few days. Bingeing seems to show up all the flaws which don’t seem too bad when you have a few days in between episodes.

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