How To Ask Netflix To Add Your Favourite Movie or Show

We all have that movie or TV show that we really want to watch and what better way to watch them than on Netflix? Netflix is everywhere: on your phone, your TV, your PlayStation, your tablet, your Roku box, your Amazon Fire, your Smart TV, your XBox. That makes it so easy to watch films or TV – wherever you are and without having to find the DVD in your collection and remember how to work the DVD player.

However, Netflix don’t have an infinite library. They have a constantly revolving library with titles removed and titles added throughout the year. So what can you do if a movie or TV show you want to see isn’t available on Netflix? Do you send them a tweet? Do you send a Facebook message? Open a support chat?

It’s very simple really – you ask them to add it!

All you have to do is head over to their Request Page and enter the details!

Now, there’s no guarantee that the show will be added, but they use information like this along with other sources, to gain an insight into what would be suitable content for their different regions.

It doesn’t hurt to ask and, as a worst case scenario, you could always head over to or to buy it yourself.

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55 thoughts on “How To Ask Netflix To Add Your Favourite Movie or Show

    1. New On Netflix UK not sure if you would know this, but will that appear on Netflix uk weekly as it airs in the states? Or soon after the season has run its course?

    2. New On Netflix UK I forgot the uk even had adult swim, as I got into a huge bust up with sky over a cancellation issue a few years back and refuse to go back to them.

  1. Thought I’d really try and tax Netflix by requesting Muppet Babies. I know just what’s involved in securing the licence for that show because of all the stock footage used. Just wanna see if they can do it.

  2. Firstly they need to stop putting out films like saw 5, 6, 7 and not show the rest. Dont bother. and they need to make it alot clearer if something in your list is on the way out. and just more good films. Far too much straight to dvd rubbish.

    1. Conversely, I like the ‘straight-to-DVD rubbish’, and it’s hard to see how I’d catch such films without Netflix. For instance, From The Dark is one of the best vampire movies I have ever seen.

  3. Why don’t you sort out netlix UK! It’s shockingly rubbish.. nothing ever changes, same rubbish… sort it out netlix! Other countries get more options and better choices.. more British TV comedies.. more films 80s horrors.. so many choices..

  4. done this before. nothing happened. in reality if someone wants say old episodes of eastenders or an indie film from 1989 they would need thousands asking for the same for it to happen.

  5. Resident evil final chapter is still owned by sky at the moment, it’s normal on there for about a year then they decided if they want to keep the lights or drop it then Netflix or Amazon and bid to get it

  6. Alexander Ryan Knight oh really? It’s not even available to rent now off X Box Movies or PlayStation Store. Wouldn’t rent off Sky. May as well buy it as they want £5.50 for rental! Can probably get it on DVD for three quid now.

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