Mark Millar Announces His Next Comic Project With Netflix: King of Spies

Netflix and “Jupiter’s Legacy” creator Mark Millar have announced a brand new, Original graphic novel that will also become a Netflix film or series at some point. “King of Spies” follows Britain’s greatest secret agent, who faces his deadliest enemy: his own mortality. When the world’s most dangerous man goes rogue he decides it’s time to go after the REAL monsters… The project has been in the works at Netflix for a couple of years after the streaming service bought Millarworld comics back in 2017.

Sir Roland King is the world’s greatest secret agent. Now retired and spending his days drinking in gentleman’s clubs, he misses his old life and looks around with regret at the world he’s saved countless times. Was it worth it? After a cancer diagnosis, he realises he has six months to live. Three in good health. But this is not a man who will go quietly. He writes a list of all the people he feels he SHOULD have gone after in the old days. The untouchables he was never allowed to go near. Then he loads his guns and decides it’s time to take out THE REAL monsters in the world.


Deadline shared the following statement from Millar:

We’ve been quietly working on this for a couple of years in-house and we’re all buzzing about it. The spy world was very good to us with Kingsman and a return to the genre had to be something special. This is that project. I love stories about an old gun-fighter back for one last job and this is the Granddaddy of them all. It’s so incredibly violent and emotional, but really fun too. I can’t wait for people to see it and wanted to share a couple of the images we’ve been putting together for the comic-book side of the project. These aren’t from the artist we later chose for the book, but they’re so good we wanted you to see them. The first is by the amazing Ozgur Yildirim, whom I’m an enormous fan of, and the second is by Mark Chiarello, who’s an absolute genius. Mark was DC’s art director until very recently and I love this old school spy paperback vibe he’s brought to this. We’re really, really excited about this and will release the name of the stellar comic-book artist we’ve hired a little down the line.

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