Spanish True Crime Series: The Alcàsser Murders – See the Trailer


Netflix has released the trailer for their first Spanish Original Documentary series which will be coming to the service globally on June 14th. “The Alcàsser Murders”, a four-episode series, will look at one of the most controversial and gruesome crimes in Spain. In 1992 three teenagers, Miriam, Toñi and Desirée, were brutally murdered in Alcàsser, Valencia, Spain – a crime that, even after 25 years, is still unresolved. The murders shook the foundations of Spanish society and crossed borders, not only in its brutality, but also because of its shocking broadcast and exploitation by the media.

Ramón Campos, executive producer, said, “Our intention is that this will be the ultimate documentary about one of the cases that shocked Spanish society for years. We will tell the stories of all people involved in an effort to try and clarify once and for all the truth of what happened that dreadful November 1992 in Alcàsser. We will offer everyone the opportunity to share their truth.”

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  1. Another looking good crime program and its subtitles will not be watching only watch English dubbed why don’t Netflix give an option subtitles or English dubbed its ridiculous I wanted to watch a program and not read subtitles I would get a book if I want to read.

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