Star Trek: Discovery Now Has a Trailer

Ten years before Spock, Kirk and The Enterprise there was Discovery. “Star Trek: Discovery” is an upcoming Netflix Original due some time in Autumn (Fall) and based a decade before the original Star Trek series. The 1st season will have 15 episodes and air on CBS in America, SPACE in Canada and as a weekly Netflix Original throughout the rest of the world.

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7 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery Now Has a Trailer

  1. Discovery is not a Netflix Original. DSC is a CBS All Access Original. All Access is CBS’ streaming service. The 2 hour pilot will be previewed on the CBS television network in the US, with the series running weekly on CBS-AA. In Canada, the premiere will air on broadcaster CTV, with the weekly series running on basic cable network SPACE.
    Outside of the US & Canada, the show has been licensed to Netflix (branded as a ”Netflix Original”) and will be shown weekly, 24 hours after each episode drops on CBS-AA, and it’s Canadian airing.

    Discovery will not be streamed by Netflix in the US or Canada.

    1. Which is pretty much what I said. “…air on CBS in America and as a weekly Netflix Original throughout the rest of the world.” Albeit I missed the info about Canada which I’ll update shortly.

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