Turkish Netflix Original Is On It’s Way

Netflix have today announced their first Turkish Original Series will be arriving in 2018. With a lot of Turkish content arriving recently and a lot of interest in the Turkish TV series, it certainly makes sense for Netflix to commission their own content. The drama will be a hero-driven story based around Ottoman and Turkish history and legend.

The drama focuses on a young man who discovers that he has special powers. When dark forces that threaten to destroy Istanbul emerge, he must team up with a group of misfit friends to harness these powers to defend the city and all of mankind. The show will explore the rich cultural history of Istanbul and take the audience on a riveting journey into the heart of this magical city.

 – Netflix

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4 thoughts on “Turkish Netflix Original Is On It’s Way

  1. Great, even more turkish stuff filling up my netflix. if not for the tv shows i think i’d have axed netflix by now. Compared to usa we get nothing.

    1. FFS, here we go again…

      It isn’t your Netflix, Kevin, it’s everybody’s – including Turkish people or any others who don’t mind foreign films or TV shows. If you don’t like it, don’t add it to your My List, and you won’t have to see it.

    2. Just look at netflix usa. I dont mind the odd spanish, japanese, or french film. White coffin and son of saul were great. But there needs to be more quality than quantity.Wouldnt you rather that money go to securing better well known films of any language. I feel like we’re getting every country’s paul blart mall cop.

    3. Netflix USA caters to *millions* more people than Netflix UK, plus its budget is considerably larger and its access via international rights is different than the UK, as most of the shows you may want are, to them, home grown. If Netflix UK isn’t showing the shows you want, it’s far more to do with those rights being sold (or withheld for bidding) to European terrestrial or satellite providers than Netflix getting them. Often Netflix is a secondary broadcaster for many shows, sometimes it mops up shows no one else really wants.

      I’m fairly sure that if you really trawled through NetflixUSA you’d find far more Spanish language shows and films that we have Indian or Turkish or Polish – they’re simply catering to the national demographic.

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