How to Watch Arrested Development Season 5 in Australia

Before Netflix was as global as it is now they struck up various deals for getting their Original Series seen in as many places as possible and in Australia this included selling the rights to “Arrested Development” to Foxtel. This means while the rest of the world is now enjoying the show’s fifth season, Australians are missing out… on Netflix at least.

So, how can you watch it in Australia? Well, Foxtel will be showing the first 8 episodes of season 5 today (May 30th) from 5pm on The Comedy Channel with the rest of the season airing on Monday’s from June 4th.

The long-awaited fifth season of Emmy® Award and Golden Globe®-winning series Arrested Development will return to Foxtel with a special marathon event that will see the first eight episodes played back-to-back, Express from the US on Wednesday, May 30 from 5.00pm on The Comedy Channel. The series will also air weekly on The Comedy Channel on Mondays at 9.00pm from June 4.

So you can either hold out until it arrives on Netflix, sign up to Foxtel or use the services of a VPN. We’ll let you decide!

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