Jane The Virgin Season 4 Will Be Weekly on Netflix UK

Just a few short weeks ago E4 announced that they were not renewing their licence to show CW’s “Jane The Virgin” after airing the first two seasons. Last week, season 3 landed on Netflix UK and it has now been announced that Netflix have ‘first window rights’ to the show.

This means that when season 4 airs in America in autumn, the UK will get each new episode added weekly. Netflix UK have a number of similar deals with weekly episodes such as “Orphan Black“, “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments” and “Power“.

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20 thoughts on “Jane The Virgin Season 4 Will Be Weekly on Netflix UK

  1. Not sure why. I mean, if it’s a series dump, you end up waiting for it until the series finishes airing anyway. So if you want to binge it, you’re basically waiting the same time.

  2. For me, it’s a bit of an existential choice – do I watch iZombie weekly and practically every week end up going “damnit! another week!”, or wait 4 months and then blitz it, with no cliffhangers but months of temptation.

    But for all that, it wouldn’t put me off watching.

  3. I found some shows (particularly the often slow and/or badly paced Marvel shows) actually benefitted from being watched, if not weekly, then with a few days in between. (On the other hand, Stranger Things I watched in two evenings!)

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