When Will Season 2 of The Expanse Arrive on Netflix UK?

The first season of popular Syfy series “The Expanse” was added to Netflix UK in November last year – around 9 months after it finished airing. For the last few months many of you have been asking when season 2 will arrive. Well, season 2 finished airing in April and according to our friends at the Netflix UK Fanpage season 2 will arrive on 8th September!

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17 thoughts on “When Will Season 2 of The Expanse Arrive on Netflix UK?

  1. About bloody time!
    It was said to air the week after it aired in America. Trying to avoid spoilers and pirating temptations!!

    It always feels UK Netflix is an after thought. Stuffed full of shows for super hero fans, teens/YA and foreign language shows. (I know we have to share)

    I’m constantly rewatching the little sci-fi and good comedy there is on there.

  2. September 8th

    I’ve got a lot of New Netflix to enjoy the next few months then

    Star Trek

    Hopefully season 3 of Arrow as channel 5 still haven’t got it

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