13 Reasons Why Renewed for 2nd Season

Less than a month after the release of “13 Reasons Why” the popular, if somewhat controversial, series has been renewed for a 2nd season. Netflix announced it with a somewhat cryptic video on Twitter.

With the inclusion of the YouTube-style play button at the end it makes you wonder if season 2’s messages will be through online videos rather than cassette.

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19 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Renewed for 2nd Season

  1. I just hope they handle it better next time. As someone who has been affected by a friend’s suicide and considered it myself in my darker days, this show did not send the right message about the issues.

  2. I loved the show, but a second season… not sure.

    I don’t have any personal experience of the subject of suicide, but I do of bullying, even though it was a long time ago now. For me, it showed a lot of truth about the way gossip and rumours can multiply and apply a lot of pressure to an individual – although thankfully in my day, we didn’t have the whole mobile phone/social media side to deal with as well – so once you were out of school at the end of the day, or on weekends and holidays, it was over.

    It may be rated 18, but I think there are a lot of youngsters today who could maybe learn a lot from it about how their words and actions can have an impact, even if they are only meant as a ‘joke’.

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