47 Comedians of The World Arrive on New Years Day In an Epic Stand-Up Series for Netflix

47 comedians from 13 regions around the world are heading to Netflix in a new stand-up comedy special coming New Year’s Day 2019. Live sets from the comedians were filmed at this year’s Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, along with São Paolo, Mexico City, Mumbai, Berlin and Amsterdam. “Comedians of The World” will feature 47 comedians performing half hour sets featuring 7 different languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, German and English). All episodes will be released at the same time so you can pick your new favourite comedian.

Neal Brennan
Chris D’Elia
Nicole Byer
Nick Swardson

Joel Creasey
Urzila Carlson
Nazeem Hussain
Cal Wilson

Louis-José Houde
François Bellefeuille
Katherine Levac
Adib Alkhalidey

Ivan Decker
DeAnne Smit
K. Trevor Wilson
Dave Merheje

South Africa
Loyiso Gola
Loyiso Madinga
Tumi Morake
Riaad Moosa

Nish Kumar
Joel Dommett
Mae Martin
Ellie Taylor

Shirley Souagnon
Jason Brokerss
Tania Dutel
Donel Jack’sman

Moayad Alnefaie
Adi Khalefa
Rawsan Hallak
Ibraheem Alkhairallah

Franco Escamilla
Hugo El Cojo Feliz
Gaby Llanas

Afonso Padilha
Thiago Ventura
Mhel Marrer

Soundos El Ahmadi
Martijn Koning
Rayen Panday

Enissa Amani
Ilka Bessin
Kaya Yanar

Aditi Mittal
Atul Khatri
Amit Tandon

Most of the comedians’ specials were recorded at the Just For Laughs Festival from July 2018 with some comedians taping specials in São Paulo, Mexico City, Mumbai, Berlin and Amsterdam.

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12 thoughts on “47 Comedians of The World Arrive on New Years Day In an Epic Stand-Up Series for Netflix

  1. Sorry to say but Netflix probably does the worst job of chosing comics for Netflix specials… The reality is %80 of the stand up specials are just terrible.. at least on my end they are.. The world is doing its dilligence to become less and less funny.. and Netflix seems to be leading the way…

    1. Engelbert Flaggy Smith yes I could completely agree %100 .. heres the reality tho.. for many of us Americans.. this new kind of comedy that Netflix seems insistent upon reinforcing..isnt satisfying a large group of Americans own taste… Its terrible comedy… The Amy Schumers and that entire bunch..just terrible comedy… Ive even ventured out and watched a few comedians.. one was from Korea.. and I for the life of me couldnt figure out why hes called a comic… Just bad… real bad…

    2. you Brits generally have always fully understood what “funny is”… some GREAT comedy comes from your part of the world… Isuppose that doesnt fit this new narrative now adays.. and its a shame.. British comedy is genious!

    3. Generally speaking, lots outside of UK don’t get British comedy. But those that do, tend to get it in a big big way. Not sure if it tends to be mostly those with British/Irish heritage in their families.

      Mike Myers, Canadian with Scottish ties can appeal to both. And I’m unsure if Seth MacFarlane has any British affiliation, but I love the parts of Family Guy where he rips the British apart. Very much part of British humour, us laughing at ourselves.

    4. Thomas Oren-Wayne But comedy has many different styles and genres. It would be impossible to find a comic that meets everyone’s tastes. Personally I watch a bit and decide if I want to continue. If I’m not enjoying it (not been a fan of many of the American specials to be honest) then I just go back to the menu and try again. Cheaper and less annoying than going to various comedy clubs and trying to block out the stag/hen-do idiots.

    5. New On Netflix UK yes but thats just it.,.. were starting to see less and less “kinds ” of comedy.. and more and more of pretty much the same … Netflix as we spoke before friend does things quite differently… they dont use the typical model on deciding content.. they offer subscribers what THEY deem as good content alot of times.. All I am saying is the trend is upon us.. at least from my perspective.. there are just a TON of comics out there now making the list.. that simply are not funny… 1 thing you can expect from nearly ALL acts.. There will be a political diatribe (all great copmedy has always had bits of political..not what I am saying)and themn a formal Trump stabbing… and IF they can break from that.. theyjump off into this progressive crap that just isnt funny.. and it usually ends by middle age white men taking the brunt… again.. so cliche so not funny.. rinse and repeat.. yawn yawn yawn

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