A New Fireplace For Your Home – From Upcoming Movie ‘Bright’

“Fireplace For Your Home” has been a staple on Netflix for a few years now and they even created an “Oscillating Fan For Your Home” for when it’s hot (or for Australians at Christmas). Last year saw the release of 2 new 4K Fireplaces (standard edition and birchwood edition) and now Netflix have treated us to yet another: “Fireplace For Your Home: Bright Edition“.

The new hour long ‘show’ is obviously part of the promotion for upcoming Will Smith movie “Bright”, which arrives tomorrow, and has colour-changing flames, a backdrop of police sirens, the occasional fairy flitting around and a couple of police helicopter searches before reaching a climactic end!

A crackling fire, a motley group of friends and a mischievous fairy: The classic holiday backdrop just got a little more magical.

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