All Countries Announced for Netflix’s International Version of Channel 4’s “The Circle”

Earlier in the year it was announced that Netflix had bought the rights to Studio Lambert’s reality TV format as used in Channel 4’s “The Circle”. It was announced at the time that there would be three local versions including one from the USA. Netflix has just announced the other two countries that will have local versions of the show as being France and Brazil. It is unknown yet whether these will be available globally on Netflix or just in their respective countries.

Contestants live in separate apartments in a single building and do not meet face-to-face during the competition. They communicate through a special voice-activated social media platform and rate each other frequently. Unpopular players are “blocked” and ultimately the most popular player wins a cash prize. Since they only know each other through their online dialogue and profiles, players can choose whether to present a true or fictional version of themselves. It’s a game exploring questions of honesty and trust when people can’t see each other in the flesh.

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