All this week’s Netflix Originals (Available from 30th October 2020)

One of the great things about Netflix is their Netflix Original content – be it films or series made by Netflix themselves or exclusive content available only on Netflix after it airs on regular TV. Every week we will give you a round-up of the new Netflix Originals becoming available in the next week. We will aim to post every week on Thursday evening with what will be available over the coming week. Perfect if you’re looking to check out what new Originals are available to watch over your weekend or if you’re planning a week-long Netflix binge-watch! This area is exclusively for Netflix Originals, for general Netflix additions and removals or to view the current full catalogue check out your regional New On Netflix website.

Love Netflix Originals? Well here’s our list of ‘Top Picks’ for this week. Check out the trailers below and let us know what you’re looking forward to this week -full list of this week’s additions and regional availability at the end of the post. Netflix aren’t always that clear about geographical availability so please bear with us as we try to be as precise as possible about where Netflix Originals will be available.

Rogue City

The city of Marseilles is overwhelmed with corruption and gang warfare when a true and loyal officer vows to take back control and protect the force from the streets in this French film. Stars Jean Reno, Lannick Gautry and Kaaris.

Available from Friday 30th October 2020

Love and Anarchy

This eight-part series features Sofie, a successful consultant and happily married mother of two. When Sofie arrives at her new assignment, to bring an old publishing house back to life, she finds herself in a compromising position. Max, a young man who works in the tech department, has a hold over her and she must do as he says. Rather enjoying the thrill, Sofie and Max begin to secretly challenge each other to do things that leave people wondering what on earth is going on. What starts out as a bit of fun soon grows into something else that comes with consequences that cannot be avoided.

Available from Wednesday 4th November 2020

Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?

Socialite Maria Marta García Belsunce was found dead in a bathtub at her home in a luxury gated complex. At first appearance, her death is ruled a tragic accident until an autopsy discovers she happens to have been shot numerous times – in the head! We’re fascinated by this just by the fact that they managed to completely disregard that in the initial findings. Her husband is then accused of murder, of which he denies. Almost like a real-life whodunnit, the case is entirely focussed on a small community of potential suspects, the police themselves were not called but an investigation ensues. The case made headlines in the media at the time of the murder in 2002 and the during the subsequent years of the investigation, dominating their print runs for months even superseding political news but who did kill Maria Marta? The limited series consists of four parts.


Available from Thursday 5th November 2020

Operation Christmas Drop

Erica is a tough political aide who is sent by congress to investigate and report what is commonly known as ‘Operation Christmas Drop’, a military operation that is under scrutiny as the government decides it is a non-essential spend of funding. When Erica arrives and meets Captain Andrew who heads up the operation she tries hard but fails to show she is not interested in him as a love interest which, I guess surprises herself more than it does viewers who expect nothing less from the Netflix Christmas romcoms by now. Erica’s report writing becomes an impossible task when she learns that the project delivers not just Christmas presents but food and medicine essentials to over 30,000 people across 56 Islands. Her new quest will be to convince Congress of the importance of the operation and NOT to fall in love, of course.

Available from Thursday 5th November 2020

The Spongebob Movie: Spongebob on the Run

Director Tim Hill delivers a re-packaged by way of CGI, Spongebob Squarepants. When Spongebobs longtime friend ‘Gary’ the snail disappears, Spongebob and Patrick begin a quest to find their friend, no matter the cost! Nickelodeon Films and Netflix team up to produce this all-new shiny version of the well-loved character who is bound to reach a whole new generation of youngsters. Will original fans be put off by the new polished look? We’re all for retro here at N.O.N towers but progress is progress, right? Plus, there is a cameo spot from Keanu Reeves as ‘sage’, you can’t argue with that!

Available from Thursday 5th November 2020

Full list of Netflix Original content added Friday 30th October 2020 – Thursday 5th November 2020.

Friday 30th October 2020
“The Day of the Lord” Film [Original]
“His House”
Film [Original]
“Kaali Khuhi”
Film [Original]
“Rogue City” Film [Original]
“Somebody Feed Phil”
Series (Season Four) [Global Original]
“Suburra: Blood on Rome”
Series (Season Three) [Original]

Tuesday 3rd November 2020
Film [Original]
“Arashi’s Diary: Voyage” Series (New Episodes) [Original]

Wednesday 4th November 2020
“Love and Anarchy”
Series (Season One) [Original]

Thursday 5th November 2020
“Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta?”
Documentary Ltd. Series [Original]
“Operation Christmas Drop”
Film [Global Original]
Series (Season One) [Original]
“The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run”
Film [Original]

A number of series have been given the go-ahead for subsequent seasons this year. Check out the coming soon page on our websites (UK, USA, Can, Aus) to find out which new seasons will arrive in your region in 2020.

Thanks for visiting and let us know in the comments what you’ve enjoyed (and what you haven’t) and what new Netflix Originals and season updates you’re looking forward to. Don’t forget to check out the blog next week on Thursday evening (Thursday 5th November 2020) at our usual time of 8.15 pm for more information and throughout the week for updates and general news.

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