All this week’s Netflix Originals (Available from 5th November 2021)

One of the great things about Netflix is their Netflix Original content – be it films or series made by Netflix themselves or exclusive content available only on Netflix after it airs on regular TV. Every week we will give you a round-up of the new Netflix Originals becoming available in the next week. We will aim to post every week on Thursday evening with what will be available over the coming week. Perfect if you’re looking to check out what new Originals are available to watch over your weekend or if you’re planning a week-long Netflix binge-watch! This area is exclusively for Netflix Originals, for general Netflix additions and removals or to view the current full catalogue check out your regional New On Netflix website.

Love Netflix Originals? Well here’s our list of ‘Top Picks’ for this week. Check out the trailers below and let us know what you’re looking forward to this week -a full list of this week’s additions and regional availability at the end of the post. Netflix aren’t always that clear about geographical availability so please bear with us as we try to be as precise as possible about where Netflix Originals will be available.


Nina Dobrev plays Natalie, a woman from LA who is looking for love. After a series of disastrous dates, she finds herself matched with a guy online who seems to tick all of her boxes. There’s just one problem – he’s in New York. Natalie decides to surprise Josh (her new online match) at Christmas only to discover he is not who he claimed to be. All is not lost though as he promises to help hook her up with the actual guy featured on Josh’s profile after he reveals he actually knows him. The challenge is set to get Natalie and Tag together with Josh as the chief matchmaker. Starring Darren Barnet and Jimmy O. Yang and directed by Hernán Jiménez. 

Available from Friday 5th November 2021

The Unlikely Murderer

Based on the 2018 book by Thomas Petterson called Den Osannolika Mördaren (The Unlikely Assasin) about the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986. The limited series explores Petterson’s notes that Stig Engstrom, a man known as Skandia Man as he worked for the Skandia insurance company that was located nearby to the murder scene, was responsible. Initially, Engstrom had been interviewed as the first witness on the scene and later briefly as a suspect but quickly discounted from the list of suspects by the police at the time. He was later (in 2020) declared responsible by the force, however, he died in 2000. The series explores what may have happened along the lines of the popular belief that he was the culprit.

Available from Friday 5th November 2021

Father Christmas is Back

This British comedy festive movie is full of well-known actors including Elizabeth Hurley, John Cleese, Kelsey Grammer, Nathalie Cox, Talulah Riley, Kris Marshall and Caroline Quentin. When four sisters and their respective families reunite for their Christmas family gathering they are surprised to see their estranged father and his new girlfriend arrive as unexpected guests. As they arrive at the Yorkshire mansion for their festive break, the family begins to unravel long-standing family secrets that caused them to be so fractured. With lots of gaffs along the way, ‘Father Christmas is Back’ looks set to be a great festive addition to the Netflix comedy catalogue.

Available from Sunday 7th November 2021

Gentefied (Season Two)

Striving for the American dream whilst simultaneously trying to avoid the sanctions it enforces on loved ones, the Morales family return for a second instalment of the popular Latinx series that follows the lives of three cousins and their wider family including their grandfather who is about to be deported to Mexico.  Starring Joaquin Cosio, Karrie Martin, Annie Gonzalez and Carlos Santos. 

Available from Tuesday 9th November 2021


Two women during a chance encounter remember their shared history of a past life. As they enter each other’s lives again their worlds collide. Based on the novel by Nella Larson, ‘Passing’ is the story of two individuals, both women of colour able to ‘Pass’ as white, living on opposite sides of the fence in the 1920s. One has decided to live as a white woman and their worlds raise questions for each other that they cannot avoid answering.

Available from Wednesday 10th November 2021

Full list of Netflix Original content added Friday 5th November 2021 – Thursday 11th November 2021.

Friday 5th November 2021
“Narcos” Series (Season Three) [Global Original]
“A Cop Movie”
Documentary [Original]
“The Club”
Series (Part One) [Original]
Series (Season One) [Original]
Film [Original]
“Meenakshi Sundareshwar”
Film [Original]
“The Unlikely Murderer” Limited Series [Original]
“We Couldn’t Become Adults”
Film [Original]
“Yara” Film [Original]
“Zero to Hero”
Film [Original]
“Big Mouth” Series (Season Five) [Original]
Sunday 7th November 2021
“Arcane” Series (First Episodes) [Original]
“Father Christmas is Back”
Film [Original]
Tuesday 9th November 2021
“Swap Shop”
Series [Original]
“Your Life is a Joke”
Series (Season One) [Global Original]
Series (Season Two) [Original]
Wednesday 10th November 2021
“Animal” Series (Season One)
“Happiness Ever After” Film [Original]
Thursday 11th November 2021
“7 Prisoners” Film [Original]
“Love Never Lies”
Series (Season One) [Original]

A number of series have been given the go-ahead for subsequent seasons this year. Check out the coming soon page on our websites (UK, USA, Can, Aus) to find out which new seasons will arrive in your region in 2021.

Thanks for visiting and let us know in the comments what you’ve enjoyed (and what you haven’t) and what new Netflix Originals and season updates you’re looking forward to. Don’t forget to check out the blog next week on Thursday evening (11th November 2021) at our usual time of 8.15 pm for more information and throughout the week for updates and general news.

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