All this week’s Netflix Originals (Available from 8th January 2021)

One of the great things about Netflix is their Netflix Original content – be it films or series made by Netflix themselves or exclusive content available only on Netflix after it airs on regular TV. Every week we will give you a round-up of the new Netflix Originals becoming available in the next week. We will aim to post every week on Thursday evening with what will be available over the coming week. Perfect if you’re looking to check out what new Originals are available to watch over your weekend or if you’re planning a week-long Netflix binge-watch! This area is exclusively for Netflix Originals, for general Netflix additions and removals or to view the current full catalogue check out your regional New On Netflix website.

Love Netflix Originals? Well here’s our list of ‘Top Picks’ for this week. Check out the trailers below and let us know what you’re looking forward to this week -full list of this week’s additions and regional availability at the end of the post. Netflix aren’t always that clear about geographical availability so please bear with us as we try to be as precise as possible about where Netflix Originals will be available.

Pretend it’s a City

‘Fran Lebowitz’ first arrived in a then grimy New York City in the 1970s when she was just 19 years old. As a writer she soon secured her place in a city often thought to be in its decline. Pulling no punches, Lebowitz rose to fame for her hard-hitting words, ‘telling it how it is’ attitude and her ‘no holds barred’ perspective on people. Now, fifty years on she has more to say about the new world where New Yorkers navigate the city with tech in hand, eyes glued to screen. If only they looked up once in a while she retorts in this documentary directed by her friend and award-winning director Martin Scorsese. ‘Pretend it’s a City’ is not the first documentary Lebowitz has produced with Scorsese. ‘Public Speaking’ their previous collaboration a decade ago featured Lebowitz and other well-known names being interviewed together. Some have speculated that this latest collaboration is in fact an updated version of their earlier works that have been adapted for a younger audience adept at binge-watching Netflix as well as being another pre-pandemic filmed instalment in the catalogue of Scorsese/Netflix offerings, of course.

Available globally from Friday 8th January 2021


Assane Diop’s life was turned upside down when, whilst a teenager, his father died. His much-loved father had been charged with a crime he did not commit and Assane makes it his life’s work to avenge him. The brand new French series is set 25 years later when Assane, now an adult, is inspired by the literary works of  Maurice Leblanc namely his 1907 novel “Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar” and takes on an alter ego ‘Lupin’ to achieve what he set out to do. The series becomes a modern-day interpretation of the actual turn of the century collection of stories about the gentleman thief ‘Lupin’ who features as the main character of the stories.

Available globally from Friday 8th January 2021

The Idhun Chronicles

Fans of Netflix anime catalogue and in particular this series ‘The Idhun Chronicles’ claimed as Netflix first Spanish anime will be pleased to see this arrival of part two. The story of an orphaned boy who takes on those responsible for his parent’s death in order to save the planet, the first ‘part’ on Netflix was based on the first in the trilogy of The Idhún’s Memories by Spanish author Laura Gallego. It is likely this second part will follow suit and a third instalment will follow although, this has not been confirmed, as yet. The series of short episodes stars ‘Michelle Jenner’, ‘Itzan Escamilla’, ‘Sergio Mur’.

Available from Friday 8th January 2021

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy

The US experienced a drug epidemic particularly with Crack Cocaine in the 1980s. It tore through society and even now some 40 years later the after-effects have whole communities reeling. So what caused the epidemic? Where did it come from? This documentary series examines how the drug entered the country, rose to power and destroyed everything in its path without any real obstruction until ‘the war on drugs’ was claimed. The documentary includes the politics surrounding the drug problems including the detrimental effects of not only the drug itself but ‘the war on drugs’ on communities of primarily minority ethnic residents, hospitals and prisons. From award-winning filmmaker Stanley Nelson.

Available from Monday 11th January 2021

Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

The year is 1985 – the year California was rocked by the news of a serial killer on the loose with no particular preference of victim. A killer who had no pattern or apparent motive – the people were terrified. The documentary looks at the police efforts to catch the killer with little to go on and interviews Los Angeles residents from the time including survivors.


Available from Wednesday 13th January 2021

Full list of Netflix Original content added Friday 8th January 2021 – Thursday 14th January 2021.

Friday 8th January 2021
“Pretend it’s a City” Documentary Series [Global Original]
“Lupin” Series (Part One) [Original]
“Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons” Series (Season Five) [Original]
“Stuck Apart” Film [Original]
“The Idhun Chronicles” Series (Part Two) [Original]
Monday 11th January 2021
“Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy ” Documentary film [Original]
Wednesday 13th December 2021
“Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer” Documentary Series (Limited Series) [Original]

A number of series have been given the go-ahead for subsequent seasons this year. Check out the coming soon page on our websites (UK, USA, Can, Aus) to find out which new seasons will arrive in your region in 2021.

Thanks for visiting and let us know in the comments what you’ve enjoyed (and what you haven’t) and what new Netflix Originals and season updates you’re looking forward to. Don’t forget to check out the blog next week on Thursday evening (Thursday 14th January 2021) at our usual time of 8.15 pm for more information and throughout the week for updates and general news.

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