All this week’s Netflix Originals (Available from Friday 5th January 2018)

One of the great things about Netflix are their Netflix Originals – be it films or series made by Netflix themselves or exclusive content available only on Netflix after it airs on regular TV. Every week we will give you a round-up of new Netflix Originals becoming available in the next week. We will aim to post every week on Thursday evening with what will be available over the coming week. Perfect if you’re looking to check out what new Originals are available to watch over your weekend or if you’re planning a week-long Netflix binge watch! This area is exclusively for Netflix Originals, for general Netflix additions and removals or to view the current full catalogue check out your regional New On Netflix website.

As Netflix become even more cryptic about geographical availability please bear with us as we try to be as precise as possible about the regions Netflix Originals are available.

Sneaky Netflix are at it again, catching us out here at New On Netflix HQ. They added a little Stand Up Comedy Special or two on New Years Eve so they were missed in last weeks post. Here’s the info;

Dave Chappelle: ‘Equanimity’ & ‘The Bird Revelation’

Dave Chappelle is far from new as a Netflix special comedian. His first two stand up specials “The Age of Spin” and “Deep in the Heart of Texas” filmed at the Hollywood Palladium and Austin City Limits, were so well received that Chappelle’s third and fourth specials were released simultaneously on New Years Eve 2017. Equanimity filmed in Washington and The Bird Revelation, filmed only a month before in November 2017 at The Comedy Store, Los Angeles, both feature brand new material around politics, class and culture. The final Netflix Original of the year.

Available Sunday 31st December 2017

So, back to the future (see what we did there?) Here’s what’s new in the world of Netflix Originals this week…


Kiyoshi Nagai (aka Go Nagai), prolific manga artist and writer is celebrating 50 years in the world of anime and brings to life his character ‘Devilman‘ in ‘DEVILMAN Crybaby‘. In a time when the world has become so violent that only the strongest will survive best friends Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka come together with a plan as demons threaten to reclaim the world from humans. At Ryo’s suggestion, Akira takes on the persona of Devilman, a creature with human and demon combined. Strength of demon, heart of human.

Available Friday 5th January 2018


Food based documentary from the makers of ‘The Mind of a Chef‘ and ‘Parts unknown.’ Rotten is a thorough six-part investigation into the production and supply of major food suppliers and distributors, looking at how profit margins are driving food manufacturers and distributors into severe consequences for consumers on our health and pockets. “If you eat food, this is an issue you need to worry about”

Available Friday 5th January 2018


Brand new eight-part British series based on the 2013 graphic novel series of the same name by Charles Forman. ‘James’ (Alex Lawther) considers himself a psychopath with little by way of feelings and ‘Alyssa’ (Jessica Barden), well Alyssa also has issues. When Alyssa invites James to join her in running away to search for her long lost father, they both have very different reasons for the road trip until something strange happens. Could they be ‘feeling’ something for each other? Surely not. An a-typical boy meets girls story with more than a twist. Expect no pulled punches or sugar coating (as the title implies) as this series is not for the faint-hearted. The series premiered on Channel 4 in the UK in October 2017 prior to this global release on Netflix.

Available Friday 5th January 2018

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Season Two)

Dirk Gently (Samuel Barnett) and the gang must stop the dangers lurking in the magical realm of Wendimoor from ever reaching Earth. This season two continues the story with Dirk still in his position of a seemingly a defeated hostage of the government agency Blackwing. Too many characters to mention are connected in this ten episode comedy BBC America series. The series has already aired in America in October 2017 and this is it’s first non-US run.

Available Friday 5th January 2018

Summary of Netflix Originals release week commencing Friday 5th January 2018

Friday 5th January 2018
“DEVILMAN Crybaby” Anime series [Global Original]
“Rotten” Documentary Series [Global Original]
“THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD” Series (Season One) [Global Original – Previously aired in the UK via British Network, Channel 4]
“Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” Series (Season Two) [Global Original (First NON-US run – Previously aired in America via BBC America]

Thanks for visiting and let us know in the comments what you’ve enjoyed (and what you haven’t) and what new Netflix Originals and season updates you’re looking forward to. Don’t forget to check out the blog next week on Thursday evening (11th January 2018) at our usual time of 8.15pm for more information and throughout the week for updates and general news.

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