All this week’s Netflix Originals (Available from Friday 4th January 2019)

One of the great things about Netflix is their Netflix Original content – be it films or series made by Netflix themselves or exclusive content available only on Netflix after it airs on regular TV. Every week we will give you a round-up of the new Netflix Originals becoming available in the next week. We will aim to post every week on Thursday evening with what will be available over the coming week. Perfect if you’re looking to check out what new Originals are available to watch over your weekend or if you’re planning a week-long Netflix binge watch! This area is exclusively for Netflix Originals, for general Netflix additions and removals or to view the current full catalogue check out your regional New On Netflix website.

Happy New Year folks! It seems we’re not the only ones feeling the post-Christmas lull as this weeks Netflix Original additions are few and far between. A mere five Netflix Originals are set to land this week so instead of our ‘Top Picks’ for the first week in January here is, well, all of them! To be fair we probably needed to rest our brains a little after ‘Bird Box’ and ‘Bandersnatch’, right? Check out the trailers below and let us know what you’re looking forward to this week.

Call My Agent aka ‘Ten Percent’ (Season Three)

Mathias, Gabriel and Andréa, agents at leading Paris talent agency ‘ASK’ (Samuel Kerr Agency) continue to do everything in their power to please their clients and keep the business afloat in season three of the hit, French sitcom ‘Call My Agent’ known as ‘Ten Percent’ in France.

Available Friday 4th January 2019

And Breathe Normally

A single mother living below the poverty line and struggling to feed her son is befriended and helped by an asylum seeker from Guinea-Bissau, in this heartfelt yet grim, Icelandic story from writer, Ísold Uggadóttir.

Available Friday 4th January 2019


When the chief executive of company ‘Lionheart’ suffers a life-changing heart attack he is forced to hand over the reins of the company to his daughter under the supervision of her uncle. Little does she know that the company is in severe debt. Can she stand tall in a male-dominated industry and save her fathers company? Officially selected from the Toronto Film Festival 2018, ‘Lionheart’ is a heartfelt comedy starring Genevieve Nnaji. 

Available Friday 4th January 2019

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

The GODZILLA franchise continues in this anime film set in the future that depicts the monster bigger than ever seen before in an intergalactic robot and human war for survival. Lead character Haruo must consider joining forces with the enemy to save the planet from GODZILLA in this third instalment of the Netflix anime series.  Available Friday 4th January 2019

When Heroes Fly

Three Israeli ex-military men’s lives are shaken when they discover that the sister of their friend Aviv who also served alongside them is in fact, not dead as believed for many years but, missing in Columbia! The four reunite in a desperate bid to find Yaeli wherever she may be and whatever it may take in this action-packed series.

Available Thursday 10th January 2019

Friday 4th January 2019
“Call My Agent!”
Series (Season Three) [Original]
“And Breathe Normally”
Film [Original]
Film [Original]
“GODZILLA: The Planet Eater” 
Film [Original]

Thursday 10th January 2019
“When Heroes Fly” Series (Season One) [Original] 

As Netflix become even more cryptic about geographical availability please bear with us as we try to be as precise as possible about the regions Netflix Originals are available. If in doubt titles will be listed simply as [Original]. 

Thanks for visiting and let us know in the comments what you’ve enjoyed (and what you haven’t) and what new Netflix Originals and season updates you’re looking forward to. Don’t forget to check out the blog next week on Thursday evening (10th January 2019) at our usual time of 8.15pm for more information and throughout the week for updates and general news.

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