Arrested Development Returns on Friday with a Season 4 Remix

Way back in 2013 when Netflix were still testing the waters with Netflix Originals they revived the comedy series “Arrested Development” with a 4th season. The series was new to me and it was recommended by many people so I watched the first 3 original series and fell in love with the Bluth family but then, well…. then season 4 happened… Like I said, Netflix were testing the waters with Original series and the relatively new idea of binge-watching series and season 4 had a very different feel to it. Each episode focused on one character’s story arc instead of the usual style – you can probably tell I wasn’t that keen on season 4.

The creator of the series, Mitch Hurwitz, also seems to have had second thoughts about that approach and has cut and remixed the original 15 single-character episodes into 22 ‘normal’ episodes to bring a new look and feel to season 4 and it will be available from Friday 4th May called “Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences”.

Oh, and season 5 is on it’s way soon.

You can read the full announcement below:

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