Blockbuster Coming to Netflix Soon

French Original movie “Blockbuster” is coming to Netflix on January 24th. The movie from July Hygreck is a romantic comedy with a blockbuster/super hero twist.

Jeremy and Lola decide to film their everyday life in the style of a diary. The reason behind it is that Jeremy’s father has a cancer, and is bed ridden at the hospital. Through his son’s videos, he can witness first hand the young couple’s happiness, his own private favorite TV show.

But when Lola discovers that she has been a bet in a stupid game initiated by Jeremy, she leaves him, putting an end to the show. Jeremy will do everything it takes to win her back, going as far as forming a fake gang of superheroes kidnapping stars. The only ransom they’re asking for: Lola.

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  1. Can you include some of the British movies of the sixties,for example Billy Liar, Loneliness on a Long Distance Runner,Algiers,Cathy Come Home,etc etc

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