Changes to Facebook Affecting New On Netflix

Over the last few months Facebook have made numerous changes to their API to the point where they’re blocking any automated posts to their services. It’s looking more and more like the ‘apps’ I use for posting new updates to the Facebook pages will be blocked on 1st August. The one for New On Netflix USA has already been removed by Facebook…

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure there is a way around this – I certainly can’t manually post every update across four different regions! So, it may be worth starting thinking about using Twitter for the daily updates and news posts as well as being old-school and using the websites via

I’m doing some tests with IFTTT to see if that works although I suspect they will hit the same issues.

We’ll keep you updated with any news 🙁

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10 thoughts on “Changes to Facebook Affecting New On Netflix

    1. I kinda get why they’re doing it – basically you can’t have automated posts. In general, an automated post would not be useful – spam apps posting stuff on people’s walls without permission etc.

      However, my use of ‘automated posts’ from my ‘app’ are ONLY for my account and my page(s) and are not posting on other users’ walls etc… Sadly, it means I fall foul of their new API updates.

      I *may* have found a workaround but I need a load of time to try work it out fully.

  1. One massive downside of when Facebook block the ‘app’ is that any posts made using the app will no longer be available.

    That’s 5 years of posts (and comments and discussion and SOCIAL ACTIVITY!) that will just cease to exist… Hardly social.

    1. A lot of people do, but then there are those that don’t and rely on social media.

      It’s annoying but I *think* I’ve got a workaround using an unofficial API by the same people who make the unofficial Google+ API.

  2. Thank you for all the work you put on this. I use the website for the updates, hopefully you will be able to find a workaround for other platforms too! 🙂

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