Designated Survivor Cancelled After 2 Seasons

ABC’s “Designated Survivor”, a Netflix Original outside of North America, has been cancelled after 2 seasons meaning this week’s episode on the 16th (due on Netflix on Thursday 17th May) will be the series finale. The first season of the show, starring Kiefer Sutherland, won the Critics’ Choice award for most exciting new series but ratings dropped for the second season.

Source: Deadline

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133 thoughts on “Designated Survivor Cancelled After 2 Seasons

  1. Too many episodes. First series was great but i think they were making it up as it went along in the end. Why can’t they make a series, resolve it and move on to something else.

    1. Agreed, forgetting the actual reason the programme started and just using ever more ridiculous storytelling that can be wrapped up in 40 mins is compelling stuff, our guilty pleasure!

    1. Anders I agree that the 2nd series wasn’t as good as the first but defo think there was more scope. We were looking at a race for the presidency with old Cornelius and a possible 2nd term. I think they needed to do what West Wing did and have more stories about the staffers. Gutted to see it end especially with how things look for House of Cards

    2. Frances Barton Weir I honesty thought ti was brilliant and heatedly agree having more stories about relevant people and not some random bloke called Ethan West who suddenly become the main part of the story whilst Wells who got a bollocking because of Kirkmans misguided love of Frost which was all so obvious it was painful finished off breaking the season. Yes, 100% there was scope for it to be amazing but sadly they didn’t take advantage of it. Suspect Kirkman will just say “right that’s it guys, lost my wife, had a war, saved a navyboy, sacked a decent FBI agent and distanced myself from my kids, I’m packing it up and giving presidency to my “loyal” vice president who definitely didn’t waste all of our time and make me go to trial over bloody mental disability and make me feel bad about going to get my head sorted,”

  2. I’m a little disappointed. But agree the second season seems to forget where first season was going. But most US presidential shows always do tend to lose their way.

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