Disney Life Set to Launch in US and Will Affect Netflix Content

Netflix have, for some time, had a great deal with Disney (including Star Wars and Marvel) even securing the first rights to online streaming of their movies. Netflix across the globe has always, until recently, had a good selection of Disney movies. In the UK, Netflix lost nearly all it’s Disney content when Disney Life launched at the end of 2015 but the deal in America stayed in place.

However, according the The Verge this deal will be ending in 2019 and Disney will be launching their own streaming service, presumably Disney Life like in Europe. Netflix should see Star Wars Episode 8 and the Han Solo movie arrive but after that it is highly unlikely for any major Disney titles to be added. The Marvel TV series, like in Europe, will not be affected. Disney Life tends to cater to the younger viewers so 18 / R -rated TV shows won’t be an issue.

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21 thoughts on “Disney Life Set to Launch in US and Will Affect Netflix Content

    1. They have been trialling it here first for about a year or two to see how successful it would be first and its obviously done well for Disney to now release it to the us

    2. If it covers all Disney properties including their marvel and Star Wars line up then it’ll be great. I wouldn’t mind the service if I can shotgun some Duck Tails.

    3. These stand alone services like HBO and WWE live or die on their amount of content. Others have tried it and quickly folded because people want it in one easy to access place.

  1. Never even heard of it.

    This divergence may well cost them all in the long run. I’ve got Amazon Prime and Netflix, and I wouldn’t be interested in subscribing to any more, no matter what content.

    I think most people are happy to pay for ‘legal’ content, but only to a point. Dilute content among too many paid streaming services and it becomes exponentially more expensive for people to watch what they like. At that point, people will begin looking to ‘alternative’ methods. Cost aside, it can be tough to avoid spoilers, and many won’t wait the year or more it sometimes takes for Netflix to get content.

    For example, Netflix UK only added season 2 of Killjoys last week, despite the US being halfway through season 3. Yes, I know it depends what deals they have around the world, but the whole industry needs to catch up with the internet age and plan for these things if they ever hope to stop people downloading.

    The TV channel subscriptions and streaming services may be good value on their own, but they soon add up if you want to watch everything legally. With it being so quick and easy to download the latest episodes just hours after they’re available, I’d say they all need to have a serious brainstorming session and come up with better options; people aren’t just viewers now, they’re customers, and customers want what’s best for them, not you.

    1. Ok, “most of”. Plus Marvel stuff isn’t branded as Disney as such. The Marvel movies aren’t on Disney Life anyway.

      Maybe I should have said “the stuff that went to Disney Life was all removed from Netflix”.

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