Full List of Everything Added to Netflix UK This Week (6th September 2019)

Another week has passed and, in case you missed our social media feeds, we’re here to give you the run down on this week’s additions just in time for your weekend binge sessions. Here we will give you our top picks as well as a full list of everything added to the streaming service in the last week. So here are our top picks from this week’s additions on Netflix UK:

There have been some great films added this week including a number of classics as well. The most popular addition this week has been the 80’s hit Dirty Dancing starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The film follows 17 year old Frances who falls in love with her free-spirited dance teacher while on holiday with her family. Some other classics include the 1961 musical West Side Story which is set in New York and tells the story of two lovers from rival gangs. British romance film Lady Chatterley’s Lover follows Lady Chatterley as she embarks on a scandalous love affair with a gamekeeper when her husband is paralysed. If you prefer more action-packed classics then take a look at The Delta Force where Chuck Norris is part of an elite team of U.S. commandos sent in to rescue some hostages.

Horror fans will enjoy Hell Fest where a serial killer picks off a group of friends one by one in a hell-themed amusement park. 90’s horror/action film Anaconda sees a film crew as they realise that the giant anaconda they are hunting starts to prey on them. Apocalyptic doomsday thriller 2012 has made a welcome return to Netflix UK this week as well and see a dad trying to save his family amid a slew of natural disasters. Other films of note include military drama The Pianist in which a Polish pianist struggles to survive in Nazi Germany and Girl which deals with a 15 year old ballet dancer as she prepares for gender confirmation surgery.

For TV this week we have Season 3 of the comedy series Shameless (U.S.) as well as the BBC-Netflix co-production Wanderlust. British comedian Jack Whitehall returns for season 3 of his travel show Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father and the Spanish teen thriller/drama series Elite has returned for its second series.

For the younger viewers there is a new Original animated series Archibald’s Next Big Thing about a fun-loving chicken as well as a few Garfield films: Garfield Gets Real, Garfield’s Fun Fest and Garfield’s Pet Force.
Don’t forget to look at the most popular additions this week and for all the Netflix Originals added today you can read our separate post. To see what else is due to arrive soon have a look at our post here: What’s Coming to Netflix UK in September 2019?

Read on for the full list of this week’s additions:

40 New Films Streaming on Netflix UK:

10 to Midnight (1983) – Streaming Again
2012 (2009) – Streaming Again
Anaconda (1997) – Streaming Again
Angels & Demons (2009) – Streaming Again
Arbitrage (2012) – Streaming Again
Black Rock (2012) – Streaming Again
The Boy Next Door (2015) – Streaming Again
Brampton’s Own (2018)
The Bridge (2017)
Care of Kancharapalem (2018)
The CEO (2016)
Coffy (1973)
Deliver Us from Evil (2014) – Streaming Again
The Delta Force (1986) – Streaming Again
Dirty Dancing (1987)
Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (2018)
Garfield Gets Real (2007)
Garfield’s Fun Fest (2008)
Garfield’s Pet Force (2009) – Streaming Again
Girl (2019)
Hell Fest (2018)
Jonah Hex (2010)
Kill Me If You Dare [Öldür Beni Sevgilim] (2019)
Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1981) – Streaming Again
Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre (2018) (Netflix Film)
Mokalik (Mechanic) (2019)
October 1 (2014) – Streaming Again
Olmo & the Seagull (2014)
Phone Swap (2012)
The Pianist (2002)
Radio Days (1987) – Streaming Again
Saawan (2016)
Spookley the Square Pumpkin (2004)
Submergence (2017)
The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 (1998) – Streaming Again
Uncle Naji in UAE (2019)
Used Goods [Bikya] (2018)
Watchman (2019)
West Side Story (1961)
The World We Make (2019)

3 New Documentaries Streaming on Netflix UK:

Elena (2012)
For the Birds (2018)
The Modest Heroes of Studio Ponoc (2018)

2 New Documentary Series Streaming on Netflix UK:

Hip-Hop Evolution (2019) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 3 Added]
Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (2018) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 3 Added]

8 New TV Series Streaming on Netflix UK:

Archibald’s Next Big Thing (2019) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]
Elite (2019) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]
Loo Loo Kids: Johny & Friends Musical Adventures (2016) [Season 1 Added]
Luo Bao Bei (2018) [Season 1 Added]
Moving Art (2018) [New Episodes] [Season 3 Added]
Shameless (U.S.) (2018) [New Episodes] [Season 8 Added]
The Spy (2019) (Netflix Original) [Limited Series]
Wanderlust (2018) [Season 1 Added]

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