“Examination of Conscience” Explores Sexual Abuse in Spanish Catholic Church – Coming Soon

A new 3-episode docu-series directed by journalist and director Albert Solé is coming soon to Netflix around the world. “Examination of Conscience” will arrive on January 25th and explores sexual abuse cases in Spanish Catholic Church institutions through testimonies from victims, journalists, experts and clergy members. The series aims to reflect on the reach of the abuses in the Spanish Church, a reality that has been concealed for far too long under a blanket of silence. Through the revealing testimony of Miguel Angel Hurtado, that has kept his case in silence for 18 years, this documentary series gives voices to victims, clergy members and investigators in order to understand the complexity and reach of this devastating situation.

This documentary series is one of the most complicated challenges I have faced in my career: because of the range of the topic that covers, with all likelihood, a never imagined magnitude and because we had to manage very personal and difficult stories that have been buried under a thick blanket of silence for decades
 – Albert Solé.

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