Fact Check: Is Baby Shark Coming to Netflix?

Over the last few days there have been numerous reports that “Baby Shark” (do do do dodododo) is heading to Netflix but where did this idea come from and is it actually true? To put it simply the answer is “no” – Baby Shark is NOT coming to Netflix but we can see why you might think that given the headlines below:

They all sound like pretty factual headlines and, let’s be honest here, most people these days don’t read much more than the headline. Unilad’s headline is slightly better with “A Baby Shark TV Show Is Reportedly Coming To Netflix” but it still omits some of the facts. Then there is a more informative headline of “Creators of ‘Baby Shark’ are bringing videos to Netflix” from USA Today.

So, where did all this come from? A few of the links above mention a Bloomberg article from January 15th which actually paints a very different picture to what is being shared across social media and ‘news’ sites:

‘Baby Shark’ Driving You Crazy? Its Creator Warns Penguins Are Next

The article goes on to say that the creators of Baby Shark, Pinkfong (owned by Korean company SmartStudy Co.), are going to be making some short video series aimed at slightly older children aged 5-8 this time based on penguins. The company are reported to have said that a series and a musical will be released through Netflix in North America at some point this year. Even though there is no official word from Netflix or from the larger news outlets like Variety, Deadline or The Hollywood Reporter we have no reason not to believe Bloomberg’s report. They were, afterall, the people who broke the news about interactive Netflix shows for adults way back in 2017 – which we all know turned out to be “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”.

So, as far as Baby Sharks go you’re safe… at… last (do do do dodododo)

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