Family Comedy Series “Team Kaylie” Gets September Release Date on Netflix

Netflix has announced the release date for a new comedy series “Team Kaylie” – part 1 of the show will arrive on September 23rd – and you can see the trailer below. The show, which was created by Emmy-winning producer Tracy Bitterolf (“Emma Approved”) and developed by Emmy-nominated producer Pamela Eells O’Connell (“Jessie”, “Bunk’d”). The series follows Kaylie Konrad a 19 year old selfie-obsessed celebrity who receives a community service court order to lead the wilderness club at an inner city middle school. When she is forced outside of her comfort zone in every possible way, she proves to her followers, the kids, and herself that she is more than just the pretty face her domineering mom-ager has always prized.

Kaylie will be played by actress-singer Bryana Salaz (“Best Friends Whenever”, “The Voice”) and other cast includes:

  • Alison Fernandez (“Once Upon a Time”) as Amber, a tough, impulsive, and street smart student leader of the Wilderness Club, who is less than thrilled by Kaylie’s presence
  • Symera Jackson (Disney Channel’s “Sydney To The Max”) as Jackie, a straight A-student and rule follower who lives to people please and get into an Ivy League college
  • Elie Samouhi (“Bizaardvark”) as Chewy, a bumbling class clown who stumbles to the beat of his own drum
  • Kai Calhoun as Ray Ray, a pop-culture vulture who is fabulous, and he knows it. He worships Kaylie almost as much as her wardrobe
  • Eliza Pryor (“Alexa & Katie”) as Valeria, a would-be witch whose spells are almost as bad as her people skills

I set out to make a show that I would have wanted to watch when I was eight years old. I ended up with a show that I want to watch as an adult, too, which means Team Kaylie is for kids and adults alike, or that I haven’t matured at all. Either way, I’m thrilled to be in business with Netflix at a time when they are so committed to making compelling content that resonates with kids and family audiences.

– Tracy Bitterolf (Creator)

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