Final Trailer Released for “Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Earthrise” – Second Season Coming Soon

Netflix has released the trailer for “Earthrise” – the second part of the “Transformers: War for Cybertron” trilogy series. Part 1, “Siege”, arrived in July this year. Netflix and Hasbro teamed up to bring the Transformers’ origin story to the small-screen with animation house Rooster Teeth producing. The trilogy is being targeted at both new fans and existing fans.

With the Allspark missing, and the Ark marooned in deep space, Optimus Prime and the surviving Autobots run a desperate race against time while they contend against an independent group of Transformers called the Mercenaries, as well as the wrath of a desperate Megatron.

Voice cast includes:

  • Edward Bosco as Ultra Magnus and Soundwave
  • Brook Chalmers as Impactor
  • Jake Foushee as Optimus Prime
  • Rafael Goldstein as Ratchet
  • Todd Haberkorn as Shockwave and Red Alert
  • Shawn Hawkins as Mirage
  • Sophia Isabella as Arcee
  • Kaiser Johnson as Ironhide
  • Miles Luna as Teletraan-1 and Cliffjumper
  • Jason Marnocha as Megatron
  • Bill Rogers as Wheeljack
  • Linsay Rousseau as Elita-1
  • Keith Silverstein as Jetfire
  • Frank Todaro as Starscream
  • Mark Whitten as Sideswipe and Skywarp
  • Joe Zieja as Bumblebee


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