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We reported recently that “Frequency” is not being renewed for a 2nd season and a number of you were somewhat disappointed. The CW have released a short epilogue to try and wrap things up but this was only available in their app for US customers. Thankfully it has been ripped and made available on Vimeo.

Thanks to the Netflix UK & Ireland Fan Page for the tip-off and you can see the video below – BUT MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SEEN THE ENTIRE SERIES AS IT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS!!

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10 thoughts on “Frequency Epilogue

      1. I just watched it in the UK, its not geo-blocked.
        I wish all series were made to do this if they get cancelled, it gives the viewers that enjoyed a show closure.

  1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back Frequency… Netflix you could totally pick it up, just like you have with other shows. Guess you could say, I just binge watched Frequency, since I watched the entire first season in one day…couldn’t help it, it’s SO freaking awesome!!! Now finding out it’s been canceled…I’m pissed!!!!!!

  2. I am grateful for the epilogue to the series Frequency. Loose ends left trailing in the Ethernet drive me to drop everything else and write up a script for a good ending so I can have closure. My ending was very much like the epilogue that was filmed; however, I included cameo memories of Frank walking Raimy down the aisle at her wedding, cradling his first grandson, and pinning an infant-sized NYPD badge to his grandson’s blanket.
    I really enjoyed Frequency, the movie, as well.

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