Full List of Everything Added to Netflix UK This Week (10th July 2020)

Another week has passed and, in case you missed our social media feeds, we’re here to give you the run down on this week’s additions just in time for your weekend binge sessions. Here we will give you our top picks as well as a full list of everything added to Netflix in the UK in the last week. So here are our top picks from this week’s additions on Netflix UK:

As the Covid-19 ‘lockdown’ begins to ease, many of us may still not be returning to work or going back to school and may be wondering what to watch on Netflix – well, wonder no longer! Here at New On Netflix we’ve put together a list of what we (with the help of our social media users) think are the best things that have been added to Netflix UK this week.

For film fans this week we have the graphic novel adaptation The Old Guard which sees a covert team of immortal mercenaries suddenly exposed, meaning they must fight to keep their identity a secret just as an unexpected new member is discovered. In The Equalizer 2 ex-CIA agent-turned-vigilante Robert McCall uses his deadly skills to avenge the death of a close friend and former colleague. In the Hindi film Penalty an aspiring football player’s dream of playing nationally is threatened when he faces discrimination for his Manipuri background. In the African film Hole in the Wall a free-spirited man embarks on an illuminating road trip with his son through South Africa after being diagnosed with colon cancer. For fans of stand up comedy we have Jim Jefferies: Intolerant which sees the Aussie comic dig into generational differences, his own bad habits and the shifting boundaries in comedy all while bringing his lactose intolerance to light.

For TV fans this week we have season two of the comedy Derry Girls which is set during the political conflict of Northern Ireland in the 1990s, and sees five high school students square off with the universal challenges of being a teenager. In the anime Japan Sinks: 2020 catastrophic earthquakes devastate Japan, and one family’s resolve is tested on a journey of survival through the sinking archipelago. In Stateless a woman escaping a cult, a refugee fleeing with his family, a father trapped in a dead-end job, and a bureaucrat on the verge of a national scandal find their lives intertwined in an immigration detention centre. In season 4 Turkish thriller The Protector a young man living in modern Istanbul discovers his ties to a secret ancient order, and embarks on a quest to save the city from an immortal enemy. In the reality TV series Dating Around: Brazil six singles meet five different blind dates at trendy urban hot spots in Brazil.

The documentaries that have been added this week are The Claudia Kishi Club which examines how for many Asian American women (and other women of colour), Claudia Kishi was the first time they saw themselves in popular media. A main character in the best-selling Baby-Sitters Club books, she was one of the only Asian Americans in 80s-90s popular culture. Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado poignantly explains what happened to Walter Mercado — the iconic, gender non-conforming astrologer — who mesmerized 120 million Latino viewers every day for decades, but disappeared at the peak of his fame. In PNL – Dans la légende tour French rap duo PNL deliver hypnotic visuals and perform popular tracks from their album “Dans la légende” and more at the Bercy Arena in Paris. Finally for documentaries this week we have Down to Earth with Zac Efron which sees actor Zac Efron journey around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien in a travel show that explores healthy, sustainable ways to live.

For kids this week we have The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space where Best friends George and Harold, along with their classmates and tyrannical principal are recruited for a mysterious mission in outer space. Little Singham is an animated series which follows brave kid cop Little Singham’s adventures as he defends his town from evil. In Hello Ninja BFFs Wesley and Georgie and their silly cat sidekick Pretzel transform into ninjas and enter a magic world, where they solve problems and save the day. Finally for kids this week we have Yu-Gi-Oh! which sees the lives of young Yugi Muto and his friends Joey, Tristan and Téa forever changed when a fantasy card game becomes their reality.

Don’t forget to look at the most popular additions this week and for all the Netflix Originals added today you can read our separate post. To see what else is due to arrive soon have a look at our post here: What’s Coming to Netflix UK in July 2020?

Read on for the full list of this week’s additions:

35 New Films Streaming on Netflix UK:

Aiyyaa (2012) – Streaming Again
Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap (2011) – Streaming Again
Bittoo Boss (2012) – Streaming Again
Blood Money (2012) – Streaming Again
Bombay Talkies (2013) – Streaming Again
Boss (2013) – Streaming Again
Budhia Singh: Born to Run (2016) – Streaming Again
Chashme Baddoor (2013) – Streaming Again
Dharam Sankat Mein (2015) – Streaming Again
Drishyam (2015) – Streaming Again
The Equalizer 2 (2018)
Gabbar Is Back (2015) – Streaming Again
Gollu Aur Pappu (2014) – Streaming Again
Hole in the Wall (2016)
Inkaar (2013) – Streaming Again
Jim Jefferies: Intolerant (2020) (Netflix Film)
Madras Café (2013) – Streaming Again
Mama’s Boy [Qalb Ummuh] (2018)
Margarita with a Straw (2014) – Streaming Again
Mary Kom (2014) – Streaming Again
Michael (2011) – Streaming Again
Mumbai Delhi Mumbai (2014) – Streaming Again
Oh My God [OMG: Oh My God!] (2012) – Streaming Again
The Old Guard (2020) (Netflix Film)
One by Two (2014) – Streaming Again
Penalty (2019)
Players (2012) – Streaming Again
Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015) – Streaming Again
Queen (2014) – Streaming Again
Shaitan (2011) – Streaming Again
Special 26 [Special Chabbis] (2013) – Streaming Again
Tanu Weds Manu (2011) – Streaming Again
Thackeray (2019) – Streaming Again
What the Fish (2013) – Streaming Again
Your Excellency (2019)

3 New Documentaries Streaming on Netflix UK:

The Claudia Kishi Club (2020) (Netflix Original)
Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado (2020) (Netflix Original)
PNL – Dans la légende tour (2020)

1 New Documentary Series Streaming on Netflix UK:

Down to Earth with Zac Efron (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]

8 New TV Series Streaming on Netflix UK:

Dating Around: Brazil (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]
Derry Girls (2018) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]
Hook (2020) [Season 1 Added – New Episodes Weekly]
Japan Sinks: 2020 (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]
The Protector (2020) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 4 Added]
Stateless (2020) (Netflix Original) [Limited Series]
The Underclass (2020) [Season 1 Added – New Episodes Weekly]
Was It Love? (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added – New Episodes Weekly]

4 New Kids and Family TV Series on Netflix UK:

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]
Hello Ninja (2020) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 3 Added]
Little Singham (2020) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]
Yu-Gi-Oh! (2005) [New Episodes] [Season 1 Added]

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