Full List of Everything Added to Netflix USA This Week (11th September 2020)

Another week has passed and, in case you missed our social media feeds or haven’t checked the main website, we’re here to give you the run down on this week’s additions just in time for your weekend binge sessions. Here we will give you our top picks as well as a full list of everything added to the streaming service in the last week. So here are our top picks from this week’s additions on Netflix USA:

For films this week we have the return of the classic 80’s fantasy film The Dark Crystal which sees Jen, the last of the Gelfling race, charged with healing the Crystal of Truth after its mutilation sets off an era of terror. A popular addition this week is the British gangster film Villain where an ex-con tries to save his debt-ridden brother and the family pub until local mobsters draw him back to a criminal underworld. Horror-comedy The Babysitter: Killer Queen is set two years after the original film where Cole survived a satanic blood cult, but now he’s living another nightmare: high school. Korean film #Alive is the story of a sole survivor who is living in isolation after the rapid spread of an unknown virus has left his city in an ungovernable state. Other popular additions include the action comedy Charlie’s Angels and the sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Finally for films this week we have the Mexican comedy Dad Wanted [Se busca papá] which sees a tweenager try to cast an actor to play her Dad so that she can enter a BMX competition.

For fans of TV we have  Get Organized with The Home Edit where expert home organisers Clea and Joanna help celebrities and everyday clients edit, categorise and contain their clutter to create stunning spaces. In the British comedy series The Duchess single mum Katherine is juggling her career, raising her daughter and pondering getting pregnant with her ex. In the Spanish anime The Idhun Chronicles an orphaned boy fights his parents’ killer to save a planet. We also have season 5 of the drama Greenleaf as well as the entire series of classic sitcom Girlfriends. Finally for TV this week we have The Barrier [La Valla] a weekly Spanish sci-fi series where one family’s fight for survival in a future dystopian Madrid illustrates the disparity between two worlds separated by a fence.

For documentary fans this week we have My Octopus Teacher which sees a filmmaker forge an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest, learning as the animal shares the mysteries of her world. Waiting for “Superman” uses stories from students, educators and reformers to shed light on America’s failing public school system. The Social Dilemma is a documentary-drama hybrid which explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. La Línea: Shadow of Narco looks at the Spanish beach town of La Línea, which is a stone’s throw from Africa and is a drug smuggling hot spot.

For kids and family this week we have season 2 of Buddi, a preschool programme where the cute little buddies learn about the world around them through friendship and fun. Julie and the Phantoms tells the story of Julie who lost her passion for music when she lost her mom. But when three ghostly guys appear and lift her spirits, they decide to start a band together! Part 2 of Pokémon Journeys: The Series sees Ash and his new friend Goh traveling all over the world to learn about Pokémon. StarBeam, season 2, tells of 8-year-old Zoey who has the power to transform into StarBeam, a kid-sized superhero. She saves the day, every day! Finally for kids we have the film Pets United where a street-smart dog and a pampered cat join forces to lead a pack of unlikely heroes when their city is seized by its evil mayor — and his robot army.

Don’t forget to look at the most popular additions this week and for all the Netflix Originals added today you can read our separate post.

Read on for the full list of this week’s additions:

31 New Films Streaming on Netflix USA:

#Alive (2020) (Netflix Film)
Aapla Manus (2018)
Angel Eyes (2001) – Streaming Again
Ani… Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar (2018)
The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) (Netflix Film)
Bhai: Vyakti Ki Valli – Poorvardha (2019)
Bhai: Vyakti Ki Valli – Uttarardh (2019)
Cargo (2020)
Charlie’s Angels (2000) – Streaming Again
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) – Streaming Again
Cuties [Mignonnes] (2020) (Netflix Film)
Cycle (2018)
Dad Wanted [Se busca papá] (2020) (Netflix Film)
The Dark Crystal (1982) – Streaming Again
Dhh (2017)
From Paris with Love (2010) – Streaming Again
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) – Streaming Again
Kaagar (2019)
Midnight Special (2016)
My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) – Streaming Again
Night of Knots [Düğüm Salonu] (2018)
Pets United (2020) (Netflix Film)
PhotoCopy (2016)
Poshter Girl (2016)
Satria Heroes: Revenge of the Darkness (2017)
So Much Love to Give [Corazón loco] (2020) (Netflix Film)
Son Of Adam (2018)
Toll Booth (2011)
Villain (2020)
The Wedding Planner (2001) – Streaming Again
Wonho Chung: Live in New York (2014)

4 New Documentaries Streaming on Netflix USA:

Capital in the Twenty-First Century (2019)
My Octopus Teacher (2020) (Netflix Original)
The Social Dilemma (2020) (Netflix Original)
Waiting for “Superman” (2010)

1 New Documentary Series Streaming on Netflix USA:

La Línea: Shadow of Narco (2020) (Netflix Original) [Limited Series Added]

9 New TV Series Streaming on Netflix USA:

The Barrier [La Valla] (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added – New Episodes Weekly]
The Duchess (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]
Family Business (2020) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]
Get Organized with The Home Edit (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]
The Gift [Atiye] (2020) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]
Girlfriends (2007) [Seasons 1-8 Added]
Greenleaf (2020) [New Episodes] [Season 5 Added]
The Idhun Chronicles (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]
Record of Youth [Chungchungirok] (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added – New Episodes Weekly]

5 New Kids and Family TV Series on Netflix USA:

Buddi (2020) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]
Julie and the Phantoms (2020) (Netflix Original) [Season 1 Added]
Pokémon Journeys: The Series (2020) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Part 2 Added]
StarBeam (2020) (Netflix Original) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]
Transformers: Cyberverse (2020) [New Episodes] [Season 2 Added]

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