#GeekedWeek Day 1 Recap: What We Learnt from Netflix’s “Geeked Week” Today!

Netflix’s Geeked Week is now underway with a number of first looks, interviews and more to celebrate all things genre entertainment at Netflix. Every day from Monday 7th June to Friday 11th June there will be a special episode giving fans a wide array of exclusive news, new trailers, celebrity appearances and so much more.

You can watch the first installment below and keep scrolling for a quick recap of what we have learnt today:

  • Fantasy series “Shadow and Bone” has been renewed for a second season [read more…]
  • We see a short clip of “Sweet Girl”, starring Jason Momoa, which arrives on August 20th [read more…]
  • We are reminded that French crime series “Lupin” returns on June 11th for Part 2 [read more…]
  • We see a short teaser for horror film “Blood Red Sky” which arrives in July 23rd [read more…]
  • We see the trailer for “The Ice Road” starring Liam Neeson, Laurence Fishburne, Marcus Thomas and Amber Midthunder. This thrilling action film follows a team of truck drivers in Canada who are racing across the frozen sea to save a team of trapped miners. Arrives June 25th (excluding UK where it will be on Prime Video)
  • There is an exclusive interview with Zack and Deborah Snyder about the insanely popular zombie film “Army of The Dead” with a short Q&A session. We are reminded about the prequel film “Army of Thieves” and prequel anime series “Army of The Dead: Lost Vegas”.
  • During the Q&A with Snyder we learn about the time loop, ‘robot zombies’, Zeus and Athena – the zombie leaders, a UFO theory and some easter eggs.
  • We then move on to “Kate” – a violent and exciting action film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as an assassin who gets poisoned and has 24 hours to exact her revenge. The film arrives on September 10th. [read more…]
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme will star in the French action-comedy “The Last Mercenary” and we are shown the brand new trailer – introduced by Van Damme himself. The film arrives on July 30th. [read more…]
  • And finally for today’s ‘episode’ we are given a behind the scenes look at “Vikings: Valhalla” – a sequel series to History channel’s show “Vikings”. The new series is set 100 years after the original series and will tell the stories of the most famous Vikings who ever lived – Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Harada and the Norman King William the Conqueror (also a Viking descendant). [read more…]

However, stay tuned after the main announcements as the ‘Post-Show’ has a number of further details about the shows and films mentioned in today’s announcements including an interview with Jason Momoa.

We’ll see you tomorrow with news about The Umbrella Academy: Season 3!

You can watch the events on Netflix’s  accounts across all major platforms including: YouTube,  TwitterTwitchFacebook and TikTok and will ‘kick-off’ at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT.

Or you can head to http://geekedweek.com/ to get links to each video on YouTube.

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