#GeekedWeek Day 5 Recap: What We Learnt from Netflix’s “Geeked Week” Today!

It’s the final day of Netflix’s Geeked Week and we have a games special. With a number of first looks, interviews and more to celebrate all things genre entertainment at Netflix. Every day from Monday 7th June to Friday 11th June there will be a special episode giving fans a wide array of exclusive news, new trailers, celebrity appearances and so much more.

You can watch today’s installment below and keep scrolling for a quick recap of what we have learnt today:

  • Today we’re joined by Geoff Keighley from SummerGameFest.com (ironically sponsored by Amazon Prime Gaming) as all today’s announcements are based on gaming crossovers!
  • First up we have “Arcane” – a CGI-animated series arriving this Fall / Autumn based on Riot Games’ “League of Legends”. We are shown some new artwork from the show as well as an exclusive new clip! [read more…]
  • We then get a ‘commercial’ from the Umbrella Corporation teasing #whoiswesker…
  • “Cuphead” next with new on the animated series based on the popular game. We are shown a special message from King Dice (voiced by Wayne Brady) who gives us a sneak peak of the show [read more…]
  • Next up we have “Castlevania” whose fourth and final season arrived in May this year and was Netflix’s first gaming crossover. We already know that a spin-off series set in the same universe is on the way and we get to see an announcement from some of the creators. The new spin-off series will feature Richter Belmont and Maria Renard and is set in 1792 in France during the French Revolution [read more…]
  • Another Umbrella Corporation ‘commercial’ trying to get us to visit Raccoon City…
  • Now we move onto the Ubisoft IP with a look at “Splinter Cell” anime series and we are shown a first look image of Sam Fisher [read more…]
  • A new anime announcement is based on the “Blood Dragon” DLC from “Far Cry 3” with “Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix” which will be a very 80s styled anime series animated by BobbyPills and we get a short message from the series’ creator Adie Shankar. The world of Captain Laserhawk is set in a parallel universe where automation took over and humans were mostly unneeded. We’ll post more information as it comes in but in a nutshell if you like anime, 80s Saturday morning TV and violent video games then this show is for you! [read more…]
  • There will also be a new series coming to Netflix based on “Far Cry” but we literally get no information about it! But that’s all for the Ubisoft IP.
  • Moving on we now take a look at a game based on a TV show. Earlier this week we announced the “Smite” and “Stranger Things” crossover and we are shown some footage of the game in action. The new battle pass arrives on July 13th and features the Upside Down Arena Map. [read more…]
  • “The Witcher” news now! While technically it’s based on a novel, most people know of it from the computer game series. We are shown a short clip of “The Witcher” season 2 – literally a very short clip… So short that they play it 3 times over! [read more…]
  • And another Umbrella Corporation commercial… #whoiswesker…
  • So let’s talk about “Resident Evil” – we have previously announced the live-action series but now the show is in production and we have a cast announcement. The show will star: Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, Adeline Rudolph (“Riverdale”), Siena Agudong (“No Good Nick”), Paula Nuñez (“Bad Boys For Life”), Tamara Smart (“A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting”), and Ella Balinska (“Charlies Angels”). The live-action show is going to be a fresh take on the story. [read more…]
  • But before we go, there’s a final announcement about WitcherCon – a new convention dedicated to The Witcher presented by CD Projekt Red and Netflix which takes place on July 9th. The event will be a streamed, online even via YouTube and Twitch. For more information head to witchercon.thewitcher.com

And that’s it for Geeked Week, but stay tuned after the main announcements as the ‘Post-Show’ has a number of further details about everything announced today as well as an interview with the creative team behind “Arcane”, a chat with the “Cuphead” creators about bringing the game to TV, the cast of Cobra Kai and much more.

You can watch the events on Netflix’s  accounts across all major platforms including: YouTube,  TwitterTwitchFacebook and TikTok and will ‘kick-off’ at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT.

Or you can head to http://geekedweek.com/ to get links to each video on YouTube.

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