Gillian Anderson to Play Thatcher in “The Crown” Season 4

Gillian Anderson will play Margaret Thatcher in Season 4 of Netflix series “The Crown”. Season 3 of the show is scheduled to arrive on November 17th. The popular Original series follows the story of the British Royal Family over the years.

Season 3 of the show brings with it a new cast as the characters grow older. The full cast can be seen below along with some photos from the new season:

  • Queen Elizabeth II – Olivia Colman (replacing Claire Foy)
  • Prince Philip – Tobias Menzies (replacing Matt Smith)
  • Queen Mother – Marion Bailey (replacing Victoria Hamilton)
  • Princess Margaret – Helena Bonham Carter (replacing Vaness Kirby)
  • Prime Minister Harold Wilson – Jason Watkins (new character)
  • Princess Anne – Erin Doherty (Lyla Barrett-Rye)
  • Prince Charles – Josh O’Connor (replacing Julian Baring)
  • Camilla Parker Bowles – Emerald Fennell (new character)

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15 thoughts on “Gillian Anderson to Play Thatcher in “The Crown” Season 4

  1. Brilliant actress, tough role to play because she effected everybody differently at different times in her career and those that hated her see her as pure evil and those that don’t think the opposite

    Very complex lady

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