Great News for DC Fans – “Titans” Is Coming to Netflix Around the World!

DC’s upcoming series “Titans” is heading to Netflix around the globe (outside of America). The hotly anticipated show is exclusive to the new DC Universe streaming service in America and on Netflix in the rest of the world. The 11-episode series is a live action series that follows Robin as he emerges from the shadows of Gotham City to lead a new group of heroes – Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. The newly formed crew of young superheroes join forces to fight their inner demons and save the planet from evil. They soon realise that alone they’re broken, but together they’re Titans.

“Titans” begins on October 11th on DC Universe and, while we don’t have a date for Netflix, it’s good to know that those outside of America will be able to see the show.

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22 thoughts on “Great News for DC Fans – “Titans” Is Coming to Netflix Around the World!

  1. So I’m guessing a poorly lit trailer and a potty mouth robin wasn’t enough to sell DC streaming service. I’ll wait for the reviews before watching, not holding my breath.

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