Harry Potter Is NOT Coming to Netflix (Unless You’re in Australia)

After multiple messages today asking if Harry Potter is coming to Netflix UK or Netflix USA this week we thought we should clarify this rumour in the hope that our social media inboxes will be slightly quieter… It’s been bandied around the internet that all 8 Harry Potter films, based on the popular books by J.K. Rowling, are heading to Netflix around the globe however this simply isn’t true. Netflix in France and Belgium got the full series of films last November and they have literally just been added to Netflix Australia a few hours ago.

The initial rumour seems to have started from a tweet by Netflix France and Belgium that plays the Harry Potter music and then says, translated, “The full 8 films of Harry Potter, 1st November” although I couldn’t say why the Australia rumour has started…

Licensing agreements differ all over the world with most Warner Brothers films, such as Harry Potter, sticking to Sky and NowTV in the UK and HBO in America.

Advanced warning: any messages on 15th January asking where Harry Potter is will be met with incredibly sarcastic replies!

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    1. Barbara Wells LOL! Yeah, but how much hassle is it to go to a cupboard, get a box out, open the box, get the disc out, go the the DVD/Blu-ray player, open the tray, put the disc in, close the tray, wait for the disc to load, try skip through the trailers, get to the menu and press play?

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