Have Marvel/Disney *Really* Cancelled All Future Netflix Shows? Let’s Look at The Facts

A few news sites are reporting that Marvel may have hinted that there may be no more new Marvel shows coming to Netflix. Back in 2013 when Marvel and Netflix announced they were creating “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist” to lead up to “The Defenders”. As an offshoot of these very successful series came “The Punisher”. What all these series have in common is they are very dark and, at times, very violent – not your usual Marvel/Disney affair.

The reports from sites like Digital Spy, Screen Rant and CBR.com are all referencing the same quotes from president of Marvel Entertainment Dan Buckley:

“We obviously want the Marvel Television series currently on Netflix to have a long and lauded run,” he told Bloomberg in an email.

He added that new projects would seek out “networks and platforms that are the best fit for that content, including the Disney-branded streaming service.”

The important phrase here is “best fit”. There have been a number of Marvel TV shows aside from the Netflix series: “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “Agent Carter”, “Inhumans” and the upcoming “Cloak & Dagger”. All of these have been on either ABC or Freeform – Disney-owned TV networks. All these shows are relatively family-friendly, TV-safe etc – very different from the Netflix series. They have also all had much less success than those on Netflix. The Marvel TV shows, the Netflix/Marvel TV shows and the Marvel Movies are three very different types of programme. There is also “Runaways” on Hulu, “Legion” on FX and “The Gifted” on Fox – so it’s not like Netflix were the only network/platform for Marvel TV shows anyway.

If Marvel planned on creating a new, dark and violent series then would the Disney-owned, family-friendly ABC network be the best fit? Would a Disney streaming service be the best fit? Or would Netflix, with it’s existing history of successful Marvel series be the best fit?

So I wouldn’t quite give up hope just yet – of course, there’s a chance that Marvel will want to keep their TV series more family friendly, but given the relative lack of success of their current TV shows and the fact they will be making a lot of money from Netflix then they may well decide to add to the current Netflix/Marvel roster in the future… If they decide that is the “best fit”.

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15 thoughts on “Have Marvel/Disney *Really* Cancelled All Future Netflix Shows? Let’s Look at The Facts

  1. that more or less puts an end to any chance of a Moon Knight series on Netflix for now anyway. Netflix have said whatever happens with Marvel/Disney, their current shows are their own shows and will continue with new seasons for as long as they want to make them

    1. Possibly… Hard to say though. We’ve had Disney Life a couple of years now so it depends if they reboot that when they launch the Disney US service and what’s on it. If UK Disney streaming doesn’t change then there’s no reason to remove them as Disney will lose am income stream.

  2. I said this in the office when Disney bought Fox(?) that as Disney now they have full control they will pull all the content off other platforms on Disneyflix or whatever they call it. It’s the Disney way!

  3. I think marvel series are crap. DC does it much better. Marvel films are awesome. So why dont Netflix try and get DC series ie; Crypton, supergirl, Arrow.

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