Here’s the Latest News on the “Magic: The Gathering” Animated Series for Netflix

[This article has been updated to remove mention of the Russo Brothers who have since left the project]

It has been a long time in the works but we are finally have some news about the upcoming animated series “Magic: The Gathering” for Netflix. The series will have an all-new storyline and expand on the stories of the Planeswalkers, which are Magic’s unique magic-wielding heroes and villains as they contend with stakes larger than any one world can hold.

It was also recently announced that animation veteran Jeff Kline (“Transformers Prime”, “G.I. Joe: Renegades”) has now taken over from the Russo Brothers who were initially set as showrunners. The new Netflix animation will arrive in 2022 and feature the voice talents of Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”) as Gideon Jura. Routh is a huge fan of the franchise and has been playing since he was 16. You can also see the concept art for his character below as well as a 3D model.

We’ve also been given a look at some of the environment art for Ravnica and Golgari:

Created in 1993, the Magic collectable card game franchise has connected with over 38 million fans over the last 25 years and has been published in eleven languages and played in over 70 countries. It features a very large number of unique cards (over 10,000 currently) and thousands more cards are added every year providing endless possibilities of winning. The fantasy imagery, complex rules and evolving game creates enduring appeal.

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