Homecoming: Netflix Tease Possible Beyoncé Show / Documentary / Series / Something

Netflix has posted a cryptic image on social media that simply says “Homecoming” (with some Greek letters) and a date of April 17th. There have been rumours over the last few days of a collaboration between Netflix and singer Beyoncé but very little, if anything, is known at this point. Last year the singer performed at Coachella music festival and had a homecoming theme with yellow as the predominant colour. So one possibility is a behind-the-scenes documentary of the show or a full version of the show akin to Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour that came to Netflix recently.

Another possibility is a documentary series about Beyoncé’s Homecoming Scholars Award program where one student in each of a number of universities gets a grant of $25,000. Whatever it is, it is more likely to be Beyoncé-themed than Spider-Man…

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