How to Fix a Drug Scandal: What Happens When the Crime Lab Uses the Drugs Instead of Testing Them?

Netflix has released the trailer for an upcoming true crime docuseries: “How to Fix a Drug Scandal” which arrives on April 1st. The four-part limited series looks at a case revolving around Sonja Farak, a 35-year-old crime drug lab chemist, who was arrested in 2013 by Massachusetts State Police. Initially she was arrested for tampering with evidence but then it came to light that she was, in fact, using the drugs she was meant to be testing. The question is, did anyone know this was going on? And how many criminal cases were affected by her work? These questions will be looked at in the series – despite repeated efforts to suppress evidence in the case.

“How to Fix a Drug Scandal” uses re-creations of Farak‚Äôs compelling grand jury testimony and interviews with attorneys and experts, as well as hearing from Farak’s family for the first time, delving deep into how the actions of one crime lab employee can impact tens of thousands of lives.

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