Hundreds of Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix in March 2017

It’s a sad fact but things leave Netflix on a fairly regular basis in order to make way for new content. However, every now and then large chunks of specific content gets removed. Here are a few warnings for the different regions:

United Kingdom

The main things being removed from Netflix UK this month are a lot of BBC content and some Nickelodeon content too. BBC shows usually get renewed around this time of year so they may not all be leaving – however, if they do then you have been warned! BBC shows such as “Spooks”, “Fawlty Towers”, “The Office”, “House of Cards” and “The Royle Family” along with natural history shows like “Planet Earth”, “The Blue Planet” and “Life” are on the list to be removed on 31st March. Nickelodeon shows like “Dora The Explorer”, “Rugrats” and “Team Umizoomi” will be leaving on the 29th.

Titles leaving Netflix UK soon:

United States

Netflix USA will be losing a number of Marvel animations such as “Hulk Vs.”, “Doctor Strange”, “Ultimate Avengers” and “Thor: Tales of Asgard” on 23rd March. A number of BBC shows will also be removed at the end of the month including “Torchwood”, “Death in Paradise” and “The Office (UK)”.

Titles leaving Netflix USA soon:

Australia & New Zealand

Netflix launched in Australia and New Zealand in March 2015 and, as most titles stay available for 2 years, a lot is being removed. Over 120 are set to be removed on 22nd March and then over 300 on the 23rd March. There are far too many to name so just go and take a look!

Titles leaving Netflix Australia soon:


Netflix subscribers in Canada get off lightly as the main removals are a handful of BBC shows on 31st March including “Call The Midwife”, “Walking With Dinosaurs” and “North & South”.

Titles leaving Netflix Canada soon:

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12 thoughts on “Hundreds of Shows and Movies Leaving Netflix in March 2017

  1. Also, we have started so many series we really enjoy and many times, after 1-2 seasons, they do not get renewed. We gave had to order from the library to finish or catch up

  2. Geez really disappointed in new content, already lost charmed, lie to me, a ton of great films and now suits! I can’t actually remember last time I watched ANYTHING on Netflix. I started watching frequency and designated survivor but they’re not enticing me tbh and the latest additions are of no interest.

    I think Netflix needs to remember youngsters may watch but parents pay!

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