Is Epic Games Planning A Fortnite and Stranger Things Crossover?

Last week saw the start of season 9 of Epic Games’ popular computer game “Fortnite” and along will the new season came a number of map changes including new buildings and place names. As far as the team at New On Netflix are concerned the biggest of these changes comes to the fan favourite map spot ‘Retail Row’ which was destroyed at the end of Season 8 and is now a shopping mall, with an ice cream parlour called ‘Scoops Ahoy’. The name and the logo of this new ice cream parlour are both suspiciously similar to the ice cream parlour that we have already seen in the “Stranger Things” trailer, so is this a little easter egg that points to a crossover with the hit Netflix show?

Epic Games are no strangers to popular culture crossovers with special game modes being introduced for both the “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: End Game” films. “Stranger Things” season 1 was also featured on another popular computer game Minecraft, so it seems like it is a very strong possibility.

With the other crossovers Epic Games have released the special game play updates either on the day of the films release or on the closet Thursday after the release, so with “Stranger Things” season 3 arriving on July 4th 2019, which is a Thursday, we could see the crossover released on the same day.

As always we will keep you updated as soon as we hear anything more.

Image source: Reddit


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