Is “Next Gen” a Family-Friendly Film?

Netflix’s new CGI animated movie Next Gen has just landed on Netflix around the globe. It looks like a cross between “Wall-E” and “Big Hero 6” but how family-friendly is it? Let’s take a look at the details but first, here’s the trailer:

Netflix describe the film in their age-themed genres of ‘Children & Family Films’, ‘Films for ages 8 to 10’ and ‘Films for ages 11 to 12’ and it has a fairly wide-range of certificates/ratings around the globe including:

Australia: PG* – Mild Themes, Mild Violence, Scary Scenes
UK: 12 – Bleeped strong language
USA: TV-PG – Parental guidance suggested
Canada: TV-PG – Parental guidance suggested
South Korea: 12 (from IMDb)
Singapore: PG (from IMDb)

*It’s worth noting that the Australian PG is described as “not recommended for viewing or playing by persons under 15 without guidance from parents or guardians”

Now, the UK rating is the highest that we can get more information from so let’s see why a film that Netflix are promoting as for ages 8 and over was rated 12 by the BBFC in the UK.

There are several instances of bleeped or partially muted strong language. Other terms include use of ‘twat’, ‘God’, ‘jeez’, ‘butt’ and ‘morons’.

Other issues include fantastical threat and violence, particularly during the climactic battle between good and bad robots. There are also scenes of more realistic violence, such as when the heroine is bullied at school.

So there are some fairly strong words used as well as several bleeped out words – presumably stronger words than those mentioned above. I personally wouldn’t want an 8-year old watching a film with that amount of bad language – bleeped out or not. So I do agree with the UK’s rating of 12. As for whether this is a family film or not would boil down to your own family dynamics but I would suggest perhaps pre-watching the film on your own so you can then exercise your parental guidance after knowing the content and deciding whether it’s suitable for your young ones or not.

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