Japanese Horror Series “Ju-on: Origins” Arrives on Netflix July 3rd

You may not be familiar with the Ju-on franchise but you will probably have heard of the westernised remake “The Grudge”. “Ju-on”, which literally translates to “Curse Grudge”, has been a franchise since 1998 with various Japanese horror films and shorts being created as well as the two American remakes, the first of which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The next part of the franchise, “Ju-on: Origins”, has been co-produced by NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan and Netflix and will launch on July 3rd. The story follows TV star Haruka Honjo, who keeps hearing disturbing footsteps in her apartment in the middle of the night. She gets drawn to the franchise’s iconic “cursed house,” along with a paranormal investigator named Odajima where they start to investigate…

You can see the Japanese trailer below as well as the English-subtitled trailer from Twitter:

Can people possessed by this house escape the curse? And what is the tragic event that happened at this curse house?

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