Less Than Two Weeks Until Volume 2 of “Stranger Things 4” is Released – See the Brand New Trailer Now!

Earlier this month Netflix’s servers were running red-hot with literally hundreds of millions of hours worth of “Stranger Things 4” being streamed all around the world. The final episodes that make up Volume 2 will arrive on July 1st and we now have an epic final trailer.

The two episodes of Volume 2 clock in at around 4 hours with episode 8 at 1hr 25m and the final episode being nearly 2hr 30m!

“Stranger Things 4” is set six months after the Battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins at the end of season 3. Struggling with the aftermath, our group of friends are separated for the first time – and navigating the complexities of high school hasn’t made things any easier. In this most vulnerable time, a new and horrifying supernatural threat surfaces, presenting a gruesome mystery that, if solved, might finally put an end to the horrors of the Upside Down. It probably won’t though, as there’s a fifth and final season already confirmed.

You can see the trailer below but, obviously, if you haven’t watched Volume 1 yet then there WILL be spoilers!

Keep scrolling for lots of other pictures, more information about season 4 and the trailer.

What Time Does the Series Drop?

So, what time can you watch Stranger Things 4: Volume 1? Well that depends where you live. The series will drop at midnight California time and to make that easier here’s a table of when you can watch it.

Western USA: from 00.00am
Eastern USA: from 3.00am
UK: from 8.00am
Central Europe: from 9.00am
Africa: from 9.00am
Western Australia: from 3.00pm
Eastern Australia: from 5.00pm


Creators Matt and Ross Duffer have also stated that the season runtime is almost double what it normally is – and with 9 episodes it is likely that we are looking at 70-90 minutes per episode! The pair have also confirmed that the show will come to an end after it’s fifth season. We will update you once we have more information.

As a reminder, the episode titles are shown below:

  • Chapter One: The Hellfire Club
  • Chapter Two: Vecna’s Curse
  • Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero
  • Chapter Four: Dear Billy
  • Chapter Five: The Nina Project
  • Chapter Six: The Dive
  • Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab
  • Chapter Eight: Papa
  • Chapter Nine: The Piggyback

We have also been given four new posters relating to the four main locations of Stranger Things 4: The Lab, Russia, Creel House, and California which you can see below:

Here’s a recap of the four teasers we’ve been shown so far that introduce us to four new locations: Russia, Hawkins Lab (pre- Season 1), the Creel house and California.

The series has been a smash hit for Netflix since it’s release in 2016 and has propelled the careers of its stars including Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard and more. The previous season, “Stranger Things 3”, introduced a new location to the series in the Starcourt Mall as well as showing us a great deal about Russia’s involvement.

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