Love Statistics? You’ll Love Netflix’s New Top 10 Website!

Netflix has launched a new website that aims to put an end to the accusations that the streaming giant cherry-picks their statistics. The new site at gives visitors the ability to view the global Top 10’s since 28th June 2021 for both films and series with separate stats for English and non-English. The Top 10 lists give the title of the film or show as well as how many weeks it has spent in the Top 10. What’s more, you can also view the Top 10’s for nearly 100 of the countries that Netflix is available in – instead of just being able to see your country’s Top 10 in the app.

Netflix has, for a long time, been somewhat derided for its handling of its metrics – essentially self-reporting that they’re the best without any additional context. They even created a short video of some frequent complaints as well as announcing that they are changing how they release the data. The data on new website is being monitored by EY, an independent accounting firm, who will also publish a report in 2022.

Each season of a show has its own ‘entry’ for example “Young Sheldon: Season 1” and “Young Sheldon: Season 2” are currently in the Top 10 for the UK. The metrics are based on the total number of hours streamed as opposed to their previous metrics of ‘X million household chose to watch’ and are updated weekly every Tuesday. Netflix also offer downloadable spreadsheets if you want to do your own number-crunching.

The website also shows the most popular films and shows of all time based on the total hours viewed in a title’s first 28 days on Netflix. If you’re interested, Bird Box is still the number one in films with over 282 million hours of viewing in its first 28 days. Squid Game tops the non-English TV charts with over 1.65 billion hours in the first 28 days!

You can read the full press release here:

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