Lucifer Season 4 Has Started Filming

Season 4 of “Lucifer”, which became a Netflix Original earlier this year, has now begun filming. The title of S4E01 was recently announced as “Everything’s Okay” and the cast today announced they had started day 1 of filming with a video from the make-up trailer. It is still unknown if seasons 1-3 will be available on Netflix in regions where Lucifer has yet to be shown – such as the UK where it was only available on Amazon Prime Video.


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21 thoughts on “Lucifer Season 4 Has Started Filming

    1. There’s been no official news about S1-3 in regions where Netflix don’t have the rights. I’m hoping they managed to wangle the rights to them though. I can’t see them launching this globally to everyone from S4 and saying “you can go subscribe to our competitors to see S1-3”

    1. They just announced a short while back that Netflix saved it. They started to prepare shortly after that. I’m honestly surprised they were able to start filming that soon.

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