Madeleine McCann Case to Be a True Crime Series for Netflix

An eight-part true-crime documentary series about Madeleine McCann is being produced for Netflix. The case, one of the UKs most well-known, and controversial, missing persons case will feature interviews with investigators and key people related to the case. The series has no release date or title yet.

It will follow on from the success of “Making a Murderer” and “Amanda Knox”.

Source: Independent (via Netflix UK & Ireland Fanpage)

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25 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann Case to Be a True Crime Series for Netflix

    1. Well depends. If they go independent on it then they have to provide details about the police officers’ book and the cadaver dogs etc. If it turns into “give poor McScams money because they’ve finished paying off their mortgage and they need to pay for parenting lessons” then yeah.

      Netflix is big and I can’t see them pulling a Disney white-wash on it. I hope anyway. Because if they do facts then that’s a big audience.

    2. I wasn’t serious about cancelling – just voicing my disapproval of Netflix creating a series about this. As I said previously it will just re-inforce the McCann’s view of events otherwise their lawyers would be threatening all sorts of action. You can be certain nothing new will be revealed.

    3. Don’t know much about the documentary but whether they are involved or not ( with the documentary I mean! ), anything remotely critical of them would have had their lawyers getting the broadcast stopped.

  1. i wonder how much will the parents get from this. In my opinion I feel the parents did something to this child. Anytime an american dies in a foreign country the investigation there investigation is some bull ====. These two will get what is to come to them. Leave it in God’s hands. It will be painful.

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