Marvel’s Iron Fist Cancelled

Netflix have confirmed to variety and Deadline that they will not be renewing “Iron Fist” for a third season. Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the series starred Finn Jones as Danny Rand, a martial arts expert with a mystical power called the “Iron Fist.” Season 2 of the Marvel series started streaming worldwide last month and received great reviews from fans, and was praised for the improvements made after the much slated first season. However it seems it was not enough to save it.

Representatives from Netflix and Marvel said in a statement:

“Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew and show-runners. We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership we’ve shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the immortal Iron Fist will live on.”

This is the first of Netflix’s Marvel shows to be cancelled, the shows seem to be fairing much better A third season of the Krysten Ritter led “Jessica Jones” was order in April and a third season of fellow Defender “Luke Cage” is expected to get the formal go-ahead any day now. The first Marvel series to appear on the streamer back in 2015, The third season of “Daredevil” is about to launch on Netflix on October 19. Whilst it seems unlikely that we’ll get a second season of The “Defenders” it we may see Finn Jones reprise his role alongside Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing by popping up in Netflix’s other Marvel shows.


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17 thoughts on “Marvel’s Iron Fist Cancelled

  1. well that’s a shame because series 2 fixed the issues of series 1, but when you rush it and kill the fanbase with your first series they rarely give you a second chance

    If you’ve not seen season 2 because you hated series 1, this is the polar opposite of it, if this was series 1 it would have got a renewal

  2. Daughters of the Dragon featuring occasional Danny appearances would be acceptable. That would be what they were teasing at the end anyway. Danny and Ward are finding the answers to Colleen’s ancestry and their involvement with the Iron Fist, so that would be a natural subplot. If the title is what is stopping people going back to it after being burned by the first series than that would solve it.

  3. Damn, I quite enjoyed it. It was the “worst” of the four for me (Daredevil > Luke Cage > Jessica Jones > Iron Fist), but it was still enjoyable… season 2 more so than season 1.

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