“Minecraft Story Mode” for Netflix Has Been Delayed

Netflix have delayed the release of “Minecraft: Story Mode” on their streaming service with no replacement date currently announced. The 5-episode, interactive series, until yesterday, had a premiere date of November 7th but now the show doesn’t even appear when you search on the Netflix website.

Netflix support, when questioned gave the following:

Really sorry about that! 🙁 After checking, it looks like Minecraft Story Mode has been delayed.
Thanks for bearing with us while we put a few final touches on Minecraft: Story Mode. We’ll keep you posted on an updated launch date.

When asked about a new release date the reply was rather vague:

I don’t have any rough estimates but what I can say is we intend to launch the title very soon!

Screenshot of the previously announced release date of November 7th

Earlier this year TellTale Games announced they were closing down their studios and only leaving a skeleton crew to finish off any current obligations – the Netflix show being one of them. Due to this, it is likely that there will only be a single season of “Minecraft Story Mode” although this has not been confirmed.

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6 thoughts on ““Minecraft Story Mode” for Netflix Has Been Delayed

    1. It was delayed, this series is not being developed by Tell Tale, it’s an adaption but not like normal, minecraft story mode in a new console or something, the interactive content it’s made by netflix

      1. Can pretty much confirm it’s still coming, it’s already available in some regions. A guy on the Minecraft discord from New Zealand is able to play

        1. Just checked, and yeah, New Zealand does have the first three episodes already for some reason. Maybe they decided to do a small release first to make sure any bugs were taken care of?

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